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Midwifery and Diseases
Women and Children,
Clinical Medicine,
Natural History, .
Materia Medica,
Clinical Surgery, .
Medical Juiisprudence, .
General Pathology,
Founded. Professors. Appointed.
°^ I Alex. E. Simpson, M.D., 1870 Curators.
r J. H. Bennett, M.D., .
^„.. J Thomas Laycock, M.D.,
'* j Douglas Maclagan, M.D.,
[Wm. E. Sanders, M.D.,
1767 C. Wyville Thomson,
LL.D., D.Sc, .
1768 Sir E. Christison, Bart.,
M.D., D.C.L., LL.D., 1832 Curators.
1803 Joseph Lister, M.B., . 1869 Crown.
1807 Douglas Maclagan, M.D., 1862 Crown.
1831 James Spence, . . 1864 Curators.
1831 William E. Sanders, M.D., 1869 Curators.
Faculty of Arts — Dean, Professor Fraser.
1^55 Curators.
1870 Crown.
1597 W. Y. Sellar, LL.D.,
1863 Lords of Session, Curators, Fa-
culty of Advocates, Society of
Writers to the Signet.
Sanscrit and Comparative
Philology, .
Geology and Mineralogy,
Commercial and Political
Economy and Mercantile
Law, ....
1862 Theodor Aufrecht, M.A., 1862 Crown.
1868 Fleeming Jenldn, . 1808 Crown.
1870 Archibald Geikie, F.E.S., 1871 Crown.
1871 W. B. Hodgson, LL.D., 1871 Curators and Merchant Co.
The Lectures qiialify for the University of Edinburgh and other Universities, the Eoyal Colleges of
Physicians and Surgeons of Edinburgh, London, and Dublin, and all other Medical and Public Boards.
Materia Medica and Therapeutics — Dr T. E. Fraser.
Midwifery and Diseases of Women and Children —
Dr Keiller and Dr Angus Macdonald.
Medical Jurisprudence — Dr Littlejohn.
Eoyal Infibm.\ry.
Clinical Medicine — Drs Haldane, Balfour, and
Stewart; Dr Matthews Duncan (for Diseases of
Clinical Surgery — Dr P. H. Watson, Mr Annandale.
I^Pi-actical Anatomy . ."^ _ ..^
Anatomy -< Surgical Anatomy — De- >■ fr'' j ' -j "
( monstrations & Exam, j Handyside.
Chemistrv /I'i''"^°''ical Chemistry .") Dr Stevenson
^ "(Analytical Chemistry j Macadam.
Vaccination (Eoyal Dispensary)— Dr Husband.
Diseases of the Ej-e — Dr Argj'll Eobertson.
Diseases of Children — Dr Stephenson.
Surgical Ajiijliances and Operative Surgery — Dr
Joseph Bell.
Operative Surgery & Surgical Anatomy — Dr Chiene.
Surgery — Drs P. H. Watson, J. Bell, and Chiene.
(■Lectures, . . T) St
Chemistry | J-^-^ ^^^g^ -j -M^I^.
Midwifery and Diseases of Women and Children —
Dr Matthews Duncan.
Physiolog3'—Dr_ Arthur Gamgee.
Eoyal Infirmary.
Clinical Medicine — Drs Haldane, Balfour, and
Stewart ; Dr Matthews Duncan (for Diseases of
Clinical Surgery — DrP. H. Watson, Mr Annandale.
r Lectures . . . •) Dj. p £)
Anatomy -( Anatomical Demonst. . >- tt i ' -i '
(Practical Anatomy . ) Handyside.
Medical Jui'isprudence — Dr Littlejohn.
Practice of Physic — Dr Eutherford Haldane.
General Pathologj^ — Dr John Wyllie.
Vaccination— Dr Husband.
The minimum cost of the education in this School of Medicine for the double qualification of Physician
and Surgeon from the Eoyal Colleges of Phj'sicians and Surgeons, including the fees for the Joint
Examination, is £90, 4s., which is payable by yearly instalments during the period of studj'; whilst the
minimum cost for the single qualification of either Physician or Surgeon, including fee for examination,
is £80. Stevenson Macadam, Secretary.

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