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The Winter Session opens on 1st November, and closes in the end of March ; the Summer Session opens
on 1st May, and doses in the end of July. The General Council meets twice a year, on the first Tuesday
after the 14th of April, and on tlie last" Friday of October. The number of Matriculated Students for
Summer Session 1871 was 97, and for 1871-7 "2 (T\'inter Session) 1738; of Membej-s of General Council,
3650. The number who graduated in 1871 was 235, — viz. in Arts, M.A., 56 : in Medicine, 154, — viz.,
M.D., 23 ; M.B., 70 ; CM., 61 : in Law, LL.B., 6 : in Divinity, 14 : in Science, 5,— viz., Natui-al, 3 ;
Physical, 1 ; Mental 1.
The Eight Hon. John Inglis of Glencorse, D.C.L.,
LL.D., Lord Justice-General, and Lord President
of the Court of Session, ....
Sir Alexander Grant, Bart., LL.D.,
Sir William Stirling Maxwell, Bart., LL.D., .
Sir Alexander Grant, Bart., LL.D.,
Par. Representative, Lyon Playfair, C.B., Ph.D., LL.D., F.E.S., .
f The Hon. Lord Xeaves,
The Eight Hon. Sh- William Gibson-Craig, Bart.,
D. Milne Homo of Milnegraden and Wedderbum,
William La-n-, Lord Provost of Edinburgh, .
William Skinner, .......
The Hon. Lord Gififord
^AYilliam Chambers of Glenormiston,
Secretary — E. Bi-uce Johnston, W.S.
fAlesander Campbell-Swinton, LL.D., .
James Macknight, W.S., .....
John Marshall, Advocate,
E€V. William L. Alexander, D.D., ....
(^Professor Christison, M.D.,
University Court — The Eector, Principal, Lord Provost of Edinburgh, and the five Assessors.
Secretary— ^ ohn Christison, W.S.
Senatus Academicus — The Principal and Professors. Secretary — Professor Wilson.
Additional Examiners for Degrees: in A-rts— Classical Literature, Wm. Millar Nicholson, M.A. ; Mental
Philosophy, Alexander Nicolson, M.A. ; Mathematics, etc., William Lees, M.A. ; in Medicixe — Dr
William Eobertson, Benjamin Bell, surgeon, Dr Dumbreck.
Examiners of Parochial Schoolmasters for the District of Edinburgh — Professors Crawford, Stevenson,
Kelland, Eraser, Sellar, Liston. Secretary — Professor Eraser.
Clerk of the University, and Secretary and Registrar I Regius Keeper of the Botanical Gardens, Professor
of General Council, Thomas Gilbert. | Balfour.
Regius Keeper of the Museum of Natural History, 1 Librarian, John Small, M.A.
Professor Wyville Thomson. | Printer, Thomas Constable.
Janitor, John Chapman.
Faculty of DmxiTY — Dean, Professor Crawford.
Vice- Chancellor,
1868 General Council.
1808 Chancellor.
1871 Matriculated Students.
1868 Curators.
1868 General Council.
1869 University Court.
1866 University Court.
1868 University Court.
1870 Town Council.
1868 Town Council.
1870 Town Council.
1870 Town Council.
1871 Chancellor.
1863 Town Council.
1871 Eector.
1871 General CouncU.
1859 Senatus Academicus.
Fonnded. Professors. Appointed. Patrons.
1620 T. J. Crawford, D.D., LL.D., 1859 Curators.
Divinity, . _ .
Hebrew and Oriental Lan-
guages, . . . 1642 David Liston, M.A
1848 Curators.
Divinityand Church History 1695 William Stevenson, D.D., 1861 Crown.
Biblical Criticism and Bibli-
cal Antiquities, . 1846 Archd. H. Charteris, D.D., 1868 Crown.
Faculty of Law — Dean, Professor Macpherson.
Public Law, .
Civil Law,
Scots Law,
Medical Jurisprudence
1707 James Lorimer, M.A., . 1862
1710 James Muirhead, . . 1862
1719 Cosmo Innes, M.A., . 1846
1722 N. Macpherson, LL.D., 1865
1807 Douglas Maclagan, M.D., 1862
1825 James Stuart Tytler, . 1856
Faculty of Advocates and Cura-
Faculty of Advoc and Curators.
Faculty of Advoc. and Curators.
Cm-ators, Depute Keeper and So-
ciety of Writers to the Signet.
Faculty of Medicine— i^ean. Professor Balfour.
Botany, .... 1676
Institutes of Medicine, . 1605
Practice of Physic, . 1685
Anatomy, . . . 1705
Chemistry and Chemical
Pharmacy, . . 1713
John H. Balfour, M.D., 1845
John H. Bennett, M.D., 1848
Thomas Laycock, M.D., 1855
William Tm-ner, M.B., 1867
Crown and Curators.
Alex. Crum Brown, M.D., 1869 Curators.

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