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Water of Leith ....
Water of Leith Training Scliool ior\
Girls I
Brunswick Street, Baker's Place,!
Church Street, Home Lane, etc. J
India Place, Jamaica Street, etc.
Canonmills, etc
Thistle Street ....
Rose Street (West of Hanover St.),">
William Street, etc.
Kose and Thistle Streets (East end)-
Clyde Street ....
Neighbom-hood of Pilrig Street .
Upper part of Greenside, Leith)
Street, Catherine Street, etc. . /
Oanongate (Campbell's Close, etc.) .
Oanongate (New St. to Leith Wynd).
Canongate (N. Back) and High Calton
Oanongate (New St. to Canongate Ch.)
Canongate (Milton Ho. to StMary St.)
Canongate do. do.
Canongate(St.John St.to S. Gray's CI.)
High Street, Leith Wynd to Sandi-l
lands' Close) .... J
High Street (Sandilands' Close tol
North Bridge) . . . j
High St. (North Bridge to Bank St.)
High St. (St Mary St. to S. Gray's CI.)
High Street (South Gray's Close tol
Niddry Street) ... J
High Street (South Bridge to Oldl
Fishmarket Close) . . . j
High Street (Covenant Close andl
Stevenlaw's Close [Boys]) . J
Lawnmarket and Castle Hill
Home Street to East Fovintainbridge
Earl Grey Street, etc.
West Port and Lady Lawson's Wynd
Grassmarket, South side(Gi'eyfriars')
Place to Castle Wynd) . . J
Cowgate, South side (Scott's Close!
to College Wynd) . . . f
Pleasance, South Back Canongate")
to St John's Hill ... J
Simon Sq., Gibb's Entry, Gilmom-")
St., Paul St., Hardwell Close, etc. j
Potterrow and Bristo Street
St Leonard's
Echo Bank, Rosehall, & Cameron Toll
New haven
Jock's Lodge
For Special Classes.
Soldiers' Families in Garrisons .
Hospitals, Dispensaries, & Mothers')
Meetings J
Lock Hospital
Visiting Schools, Eeformatories, and")
Sick j"
Incurables throughout the City .
Gutta Percha MUls, Fountaiubridge .
Mrs Ewart
Mrs Vesey
Miss Bisset
Miss Millar
Mrs Lowdon .
Miss Mai-y Counon .
Miss Miller .
Miss Boggie .
Mrs Anderson
Miss M. Macdonald
Miss Berrie
Miss Macdonald
Miss Jessie Veitch .
Vacant .
Mrs Henry
Mrs Murray
Miss Millar
Miss Easton
Mrs Blair
Mrs Flockhart
Miss M. Eichardson
Mrs Eeid
Mrs Eae .
Miss Berrie
Miss M. Flocldiart
Mrs Haynian .
Miss M'Call .
Miss Maria Macraw
Mrs Eoss
Mrs Colquhoun
Miss H. Thomson .
Miss Innes
Miss Cockburn
Mrs Eobertson
Mrs Macpherson
Mrs Foulds .
Mrs Jamieson
Miss Belford .
Miss Hunter .
Miss Borthwick
1 Hermitage Place
fUlbster Indus-)
\ trial School J
18 Moray Place
15 Colville Place .
13 Eglinton Street .
51 Broughton St. .
57 Hanover Street. .
fl Brown's PI.,')
\ Vennel J
fll James' Court, )
")_ Lawnmarket j
21 Gayfield Square
2 Greenside Place
21 Gayfield Square
15 Catherine street
12 Antigua Street .
2 N. Newington PI.
9 St Leonard'sLane
10 Lome Street
47 Bristo Street
25 St James' Square
47 Bristo Street
11 Salisbury Ter.
4 Park Street
2 Greenside Place
25 St James' Square
7 Saunders Street
16 Drum dry an St. .
90 St Leonard St
4 Charles Street .
10 Society
2 Orchardfield St. .
14 Canning Place .
12 Charles Street .
8 Heriot Mount .
27 Eankeillor Street
6Maryfield .
6 S. Charlotte St. .
How supported.
Miss Jessie Veitch
Miss F. Lambert
Miss Margaret Tod
Miss Purves .
Miss Aitchison
Mrs Gray
Miss Morran .
Private Mission.
Private Mission.
Ladies, Episcopal Ch.
Ladies, St Steph. E.C.
Kosebum Free Church.
Ladies' Domestic Miss.
Free St Luke's Ch.
Free St George's.
/Ladies, St Andrew's
t E.C.
Ladies, Free Pilrig Ch.
Ladies, Greenside E.C.
Albany Street Church.
City Mission.
Private Mission.
Private Mission.
Private Mission.
St Thomas' Epis. Ch.
St Thomas' Epis. Ch.
Old Church Parish.
fFreeChurch Students'
1 Association.
jDomestic Servants'
\ Association.
Ladies' Association.
Ladies' Association.
Private Mission.
West St Giles' E.G.
Private Mission.
Free Tolbooth Chm-ch.
Ladies' Association.
St John's Episcopal Ch.
Ladies' Association.
Private Mission.
Ladies' Protestant Asso.
Ladies' Episcopal Ch.
Ladies' Association.
Ladies, Augustine Ch.
St Andrew's Epis. Ch.
Grange Free Church.
Free St Paul's.
Newington U.P. Ch.
Private Mission.
Ladies, Trinity.
Private Mission.
15 Catherine Street
7 Livingstone PL
4 Charles Street
41 Arthur Street
61 Causewavside
1 St David''s Ter.
City Mission.
City Mission.
Ladies' Association.
Scrip. Eeaders' Soc.E.C.
Private Mission.
I So.forEel. of Incurables.
Private Mission.

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