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High Eiggs (N. side), Main Point, ~>
Hamilton Place, East Fountain- >•
bridge, etc )
Lady Lawson's "Wynd, and E. side)
of Lauriston Street . . . j
West Port
Cowgate (South side), Scott's Close\
to College Wynd . . . )
Arthur St. and Places, Pleasance,and')_
Dumbiedykes to Salisbury Street/
Carnegie Street, and part of Pleasance
Richmond Place and Courts, North")
Eichmond Street, etc. . . j
West, East, and South Eichmond"
Streets, and part of Pleasance
Simon Square, Gibb's Entry, Gil-
mour Street, Paul Street, Eich-
mond Lane, Hardw ell Close, Had-
don's Court, and part of Pleasance
St Leonard Street, Lane, and Hill .
East and West Crosscauseway .
Potterrow and East side of Bristo St.
Crichton and Charles Streets and"(
neighbourhood ... J
Buccleuch St., Gifford Park, Sciennes
Causewayside and Echo Bank .
Causewayside ....-<
IV. Missionaries for Special
Police Force
Blind in and near City
Indigent Old Men . . . ,
Irish Eoman Catholics
Bible Colporteur . . . ,
Free Church Highlanders through-")
out the City . . . . I
Garrisons: Edinburgh Castle, Piers-1
hiU, and Leith Fort . . J
V. Leith, PortobeUo, and
Leith Walk, Pilrig Street to Duke)
Street, Burns Street, Easter Eoadj"
Leith, Yardheads to Giles Street
Leith, Back of "Vaults, Giles Street")
to St Andrew Street . . J
Leith, North ....
Leith, Seamen and their Families,")
Shore of Leith and Shipping . j
Leith, Foreigners ...
Leith, Special Mission
PortobeUo, Joppa, Duddingston, etc.
Portobello, Joppa ...
Niddrie and Craighall
Newhaven and Granton (Fishermen")
and Seamen) .... J
John Bruce
Vacant .
Vacant .
Thomas Brough
Vacant .
John Parker .
Thomas Gordon
William Smeaton
John Tough .
Vacant .
Alex. Eobertson
Eobert Young
Eben. Hardie .
E. Martin
Eev. David Shearer
James Goodfellow .
Alexander Murray .
David Barnetson .
Vacant .
David Harris .
James Mackio
John Symon .
John Brown .
Daniel Weir .
Michael Sullivan
William Currie
Alexander Muri'ay
— Miller
George Arnott
George MacFarlane
Eev. E. Morrison .
Alex. G. M'Alpine .
Vacant . ^ .
Eev. Andr. Hansen
John M'Intyre
W. Munro
Eev. A. Macmillan .
Vacant .
W. Allardyce .
How supported.
6 Salisbury Street
6 Salisbury Street
21 Montague Sti-eet
7 E. Adam Street .
26 Charles Street .
34 Clerk Sti-eet
28 St Leonard St. .
28 Melville Terrace
18 Gillespie Cres. .
7 W. Nicolson St. .
10 Brighton Street .
3 Gladstone Ter. .
2 Sciennes Hill PI.
2 Buccleuch Place
1 Eglinton Street .
11 W. Kichmond St,
12 Eglinton Street .
16 Grindlay Street .
6 Upper Grove PI.
17 St Patrick Square
47 St Leonard St
176 Fountainbridge
31 Eegent Place
143 Constitution St.
2 Bangor Eoad
258 Leith Walk .
10 Bennington PI.
29 Glover Street .
7 Eegent Street .
2 Bath Street
f6 Helen Street,")
\ Leith . J
J Free St Cuthbert's
i Chui-ch.
JMartyrs' (Eeformed
l Presbyterian) Ch.
"West Port Free Church.
City Mission.
Arthur Street U.P. Ch.
Infirmary St. U.P. Ch.
M'Crie Free Chui-ch.
("College Street U.P.
\ Chui-ch. C. M,
Augustine Church.
Free St Paul's Chuixh.
Bristo St. U.P. Ch. CM.
Nicolson St. U.P. Ch.
Grange Free Church.
City Mission.
fNewington U.P. Ch.
i CM.
>- Grange Free Church.
City Mission.
City Mission.
City Mission.
City Mission.
^Society for promoting
J Beading among the
) Blind on Moon's
( System. C. M.
^'Indigent Old Men's
I Society. _ C. M.
Ladies'Association, E.G.
("National Bible Soc,
( Ladies'Association.
/Free Gaelic (St Co-
i lumba's) Church.
J Army Scrip. Eeaders
\ Society.
fSt Andrew's PI. U.P.
i Church.
J Leith Congregational
"l Church.
South Leith Free Ch.
North Leith Free Ch.
St Ninian's Free Ch.
Foreign Merchants.
Private Mission.
Ladies' Associat. CM.
Free Church.
Private Mission.
Scottish Coast Mission.
For list of Parochial 3Iissionaries, see under list of Clergymen of the Established Church.

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