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E.C. stands for Established Church; CM. denotes connection loith the City Mission.
Private Mission means supported by an individual.
Superintendent of City Mission — Rev. William Galletly, 16 Viewforth Terrace.
I. North of Princes Street and
Calton Hill.
Water of Leith and Dean .
Stockbridge, North of Bridge .
Stockbridge, most of North side and)
part of South side ... J
Stockbridge, South side, Saunders >
Street, St Bernard's Place, etc. J
Stockbridge. Baker's Place to Pitt)
Street \
Canonmills, and East Cumberlandl
Street and Lane . . .J
New and Old Broughton, Baronyl
Street, and Broughton Street J
Thistle Street, West division
Eose Street, West of Hanover Street .
St James' Streets, Square, and PI.,^
and Little King Street . . J
Foot of Bonnington Eoad .
n. Holyrood to Castle.
Abbey Hill, Norton Place, and 1 to"
31 Canougate (to Whitehorse 01.)^
Canongate, North side, 31 to 81'
(Whitehorse Close to Brown's CI.)
Canongate, North side, 81 to 155
(Campbell's CI. to Burgh School)
Canongate, North side, 165 to 247'
(Tolbooth Wynd to New Street) _
Canongate, North side, 249 to 333'
(New Street to Leith Wynd) .
Canongate, South side, 2 to 90 (Foot'
of Canongate to MOton House)
Canongate, South side, 90 to 266"
(Milton House to St Mary Street)
High Street, North side, Midcom-')
mon Close to Sandilands' Close) J
Chalmers' Close . . . .
High Street, North side, 1 to 167\
(Leith Wynd to North Bridge) j
High Street, North side, 171 to 431)
(North Bridge to Bank Street) j
High Street, South side, 2 to 122 (Sti
Mary Street to Niddry Street) f
High Street, South side (Southi
Bridge to George iv. Bridge) . J
Lawnmarket and Castle Hill
III. South of Castle and Cowgate.
West Fountainbridge
West Fovmtainbridge
Ponton Street. Dunbar St., Thomy->
bauk, and part of FountainbridgeJ
High Kiggs (South side), Kiego St.,)
Earl Grey Street, E. side of Home >
Street, Leven Street, etc. . )
John Macleod
Vacant .
James Cooper
W. Watson
Vacant .
W. Watson
James Wilson
John H. Boyd
Walter Brown
H. J. T. Turnbull
D. Maclean
Alexander Picken
WiUiam Brydon
J. D. H. Porteous
H. Hetherton .
James Gray .
James Peddle .
J. D. H. Porteous
William Crawford
Robert Eoss .
P. Stuart
Vacant .
Hugh EOss
John Orr
Alex. Eobertson
Robert Gray .
William Mitchell
Thomas Teller
Alexander Fraser
Vacant .
4 Dean Bank Ter.
7 Saunders Street .
8 Cobden Terrace .
8 Cobden Terrace .
38 Bai'ony Street .
24 Howe Street
12 India Place
17 Morrison Street .
11 Holyrood Ter. .
53 Canongate .
16 W. Mayfield
15 Livingstone PI.
47 George iv. Bridge
53 Canongate
15 Drummond St. .
New College . .
23 Morrison Street
8 Tarvit Street .
7 Gladstone Terrace
10 Arthur Street .
4 Dean Bank Ter.
15 Upper Grove PI.
8 Caledonian Place
19 Panmure Place .
How supported.
Free Dean Church.
Dean St. U.P. Church.
Stockbridge F.C.
City Mission.
Free St Bernard's.
City Mission.
Free St Mary's Church.
Free St Luke's.
Queen St. U.P. Church.
JSt James' Place U.P.
\ Church. C. M.
Pilrig Free Church.
City Mission.
Holyrood Free Chui-ch.
City Mission.
City Mission,
City Mission.
/Broughton Place U.P.
t Church. C. M.
City Mission.
f St Thomas' Eng. Epis.
\ Church. C. M.
/Free Church Students'
\ Association.
Private Mission.
/Broughton Place U.P.
\ Church. C. M.
Free High Church.
rose Street U.P. Ch.
Cowgate Free Church.
Free Tolbooth Church.
City Mission.
Barclay Free Church.
{Fountainbridge Free
Free Greyfriars.

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