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Gibson, Robert & Thomas, bacon, cheese, and
buttermen, 93a Princes street
Gibson, Adam, 7 Hojje teiTace
Gibson, Alex., advocate, 19 Albany street
Gibson, Alex., com. traveller, 1 Findhorn place
Gibson, Alex., 10 Belgi'ave crescent
Gibson, Charles, printer, 18 Thistle street ;
house, 59 Frederick street
Gibson, David, baker, 66 Cumberland street
Gibson, Francis G. D., 5 Bonnington place
Gibson, George, civil engineer, 30 St Andrew
square ; house, 31 Gayfield square
Gibson, George, 1 4 Minto street
Gibson, George, 12 Greenhill gardens
Gibson, George, bacon, cheese, aud butterman,
28 Queensrerry street ; house, 7 Dewar place
Gibson, George, marine insurance agent, 26 Gay-
field square and 51 Constitution street
Gibson, GUbert M., private teacher of English,
French, and classics, 12 Shrub place
Gibson, James, baker, 6 Brighton street
Gibson, James (/. G. <L- Co.), 10 Windmill street
Gibson, James, 8 Dalr}anple place
Gibson, James, tailor and clothier, 35 Leith st.
Gibson, J. L., 8 Windmill street
Gibson, James, joiner, 73 West Fountainbridge
Gibson, James, 14 Scotland street
Gibson, James, mason, 5 Lady Menzies place
Gibson, James, Back Dean
Gibson, James, dairyman. Back Dean, Dean
Gibson, John, junior, W.S. (/. <& H. G. Q.),
29 Greenhill gardens
Gibson, John, dairy, 1 Hope street
Gibson, John, W.S. (G. <L- Ferguson), 53 Inver-
leith row
Gibson, John, butcher, 34 Middle market ;
house, 34 Jamaica street
Gibson, John, 23 Lauriston gardens
Gibson, John, agent, 38 Albany street, Leith
Gibson, John, water officer, 20 Heriot place
Gibson, John, grocer & wine mer., 54 Potterrow
Gibson, John, clerk, 7 Broughton place
Gibson, John {Commercial Bank), 15 ISTorth
Mansionhouse road
Gibson, John, house painter, 3 Mansfield place
Gibson, John, bank messenger, 17 Eose street
Gibson, John, 2 Murano place, Leith walk
Gibson, John, bacon and butterman and general
grocer, 39 Queensferry street ; house, 59
Frederick street
Gibson, John, jun., W.S., 12 S. Charlotte street
Gibson, John, 15 Brown street
Gibson, John MacDougall, advocate, 22 Dundas st
Gibsone, John, 36 Leith walk, Leith
Gibson, Mnngo Campbell, 13 Hermitage pi., Leith
Gibson, Peter, bookbinder, 5 N. St James' street
Gibson, Peter Clark, surgeon, 10 Picardy place
Gibson, P. W., traveller, 12 Montague street
Gibson, Richard, gi'ocer, 22 Yardheads
Gibson, Robert, grocer and spirit merchant, 9
Spring gardens. Abbey hill ; house. Park
villas, Spring gardens
Gibson, Robt., builder, Greig's hall, Dalkeith rd.
Gibson, Robert (R. d; T. G.), Malta green villa,
Malta green place
Gibson, Robert, writer, 1 Leven terrace
Gibson, Thomas, architect, 29 Frederick street ;
house, 5 Arniston place
Gibson, T., furniture dealer, 146 Pleasance
Gibson, Thomas (Scottish Equitable Life Office),
18 Palmerston place
Gibson, Thomas {G. d: Tail), Bainfield house,
Gibson, Wm. W. , corn merchant, 9 Moray place
Gibson, William, draper and clothier, 1 Lothian
street ; house, 11 Lauriston gardens
Gibson, William, wi'iter, 43 Ann street
Gibson, William P., Jane lodge, Church lane
Gibson, William, tea merchant, 15 Lewis terrace
Gibson, Mrs Henry, 11 Merchiston avenue
Gibson, Mrs James, tobacconist, 149 Princes st.
Gibson, Mrs A., 3 Montpelier
Gibson, Mrs M., dairy, 101 Canongate
Gibson, Mrs Thomas, 17 Howe street
Gibson, Mrs W. F., 16 Fettes row
Gibson, Mrs, 12 Fettes row
Gibson, Mrs, 3 West LaurLston place
Gibson, Miss, 1 Lord Russell place
Gibson, Miss, 15 Nelson street
Gibson, Miss, 52 Torphichen sti'eet
Gibson, Miss, 19 Hope terrace
Gibson, Miss, young ladies' day school, 1 Bon-
nington place
Gibson, Miss, 5 Pitt street
Gibson, Miss, 13 North Merchiston place
Gibson, Miss, lodgings, 32 Alva street
Gibson, Misses, boarding and day school, 8
Church hill
Gidden, William, lodgings, 3 and 13 Shandwick
place and 34 Melville street
Gidney, James M. (In. Rev. ), 7 Panmui-e place
Gifi"en, Rev. Cornelius, 15 Forth street
GifFord Brothers, fruit importers and general
commission merchants, 2 Dock place and 11
Coburg place
Gifi'ord & Simpson, W. S. , 28 St Andrew square
Giflbrd, William, & Co., oil, bark, and chicory
merchants, coal exporters, ship and insurance
brokers, etc., 2 Dock place ; house. Home vUla,
Stanley road
Gifi'ord, Lord, Granton house, Granton
Gifi'ord, Alex., S.S.C, 28 St Andrew square
Gifi'ord, John, cashier. National Bank of Scot-
land, 41 St Andrew square
Gifford, Thos., coal merchant, 4 Viewforth park
Gilbert k Co., pawnbrokers, 68 Shore ; William
Given, manager
Gilbert, Ed., telegi-aph engineer, 19 Bernard ter.
Gilbert, Edward, 78 Pleasance
Gilbert, James, 3 Glenogle place
Gilbert, James, Bell's mills
Gilbert, James, 5 East Ejtc place
Gilbert, James, warehouseman, Holyrood glass-
works, 24 Salisbury street
Gilbert, Peter, 17 Spittal street
Gilbert, Robert, grocer, wine and spirit merchant,
11 and 56 Yardheads
Gilbert, Thomas, Seci'etary's Office, L^ni^-ersity
Gilbertson, James, 5 West Sciennes
Gilbertson, William, 20 James street
Gilbey, W. & A., wine importers and distillers,
7 and 8 Clifton ten'ace, Hajniiarket
Gilchrist, James, & Sons, plumbers and gasfitters,
West Register street and 15 South St Andrew
street ; house, 17 Rose street
Gilchrist, Andrew, 44 St Leonard street
Gilchrist, James, jun., 2 Deanbank ten'ace
Gilchrist, James, photographer, 105 South bridge

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