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Fairbairn, Jas. (Bank of Scot.), 12 Warriston cr.
Fairbaii'n, James, milliner, straw -hat maker,
hosier, glover, and general draper, 7 and 11
Clerk street ; house, 1 Sinttalfield crescent
Fairbairn, Walter, 64 Buceleuch street
Fairbairn, William, surveyor, 19 St Andrew
square ; hoaise, 38 Castle street
Fairbairn, ilrs M. , ladies' nurse, 55 India place
Fairbairn, Mrs, 53 George square
Fairbairn, Mrs, 10 Gladstone terrace
Fairbairn, ]\rrs, 15 Forbes road
Fairbairn, Miss, lodgings, 6 Shandwick place
Fairbairn, M., milliner, 81 Leith walk, Leith
Fairbairn's private hotel, 127 George street
Fairbairn, Miss, 12 Warriston crescent
Fairfoul, A., jun., stereotyper, 3 Summerhall pi.
Fairfoul, William, com. trav., 17 W. Preston st.
Fairgrieve, Alex. , 1 Hay street
Fairgrieve, Andrew, smith, 10 Dock street ; ho.
15 Prince Regent street
Fairgrieve, James (N.B.B.), 6 Citadel street
Fairgrieve, John, gardener, 12 Chapel street
Fairgrieve, Thomas, pharmaceutical chemist, 46
Clerk street ; house, 1 Sylvan place
Fairgrieve, Miss, milliner, doll warehouse and
bazaar, 2 Hope street ; house, 1 Hay street
Fairie, John, 1 2 Bangor road
Fairley, E., & Co., wine and spirit merchant.?, 18
Calton street
Fairlcj^ James, k Son, wine merchants and
grocers, 67 Lauristou place
Fairley, Alex. (E. F. <i- Co.), 16 Greenside place
Fairley, James, grocer and mne merchant, 1
Gilmore place ; house, 9
Fairley, Js., Burgh engineer's office, 192 High st.
Fairley, John, tinsmith, 109 Kirkgate ; house, 3
Ferrier street
Fairley, ilungo, coal merchant, 16 Port Hamil-
ton ; house, 10 St Anthony place
Fairley, Peter, 5 Cannon street, Leith
Fail-ley, P. F., 63 Lauriston place
Fail-ley, Wm., gardener, 3 West Catherine place
Fairlie, James, 15 Fettes row
Fairly, Robert, 14 Mayfield ten-ace
Fairnie, Alex. A., teacher, George Watson's
College schools, Archibald place
Fairweather, Alex., grocer and spirit merchant,
45 North Richmond street
Fairweather, David, 26 Cumberland street
Fairweather, David, blacksmith, 22 Greenside
place ; house, 14 Montgomery street
FaithfuU, Rev. V. Grantham, 23 Royal circus
Falconar, Miss, Falconhall, Morningside
Falconer, A. R., British Linen Co. Bank, 5
Torphichen street ; house, 8 Cumin place
Falconer, Alex, sherifF-ofRcer, 3 Victoria street
Falconer, Dd. , grocer and wine mer. , 1 8 Home st.
Falconer, David, tobacconist, 70 Leith street
Falconer, David (Poison d- F.), 72 Buceleuch st.
Falconer, Henry D., butcher, 9 West Richmond
street ; house, 15 Buceleuch place
Falconer, James, 151 Fountainbridge
Falconer, J. F., 15 Clerk street
Falconer, John, agent for Preston collieries, 2
High Calton
Falconer, John, 3 Davie street
Falconer, John, 1 London street
Falconer, Robert, 2 Lord Russell place
Falconer, Stephen, dairyman, 4 Sheriff brae
Falconer, Thomas, tobacconist, 361 High street ;
house, 10 Rankeillor street
Falconer, Thomas, smith, etc., Henry place ;
house, 173 Fountainbridge
Falconer, W. (H.M.C.), 25 Woodville terrace
Falconer, Mrs J. S., 3 Carlton street
Falconer, Mrs, 3 Trinity crescent
Falconer, Miss, dressmaker, 25 Wood^'ille terrace
Falconer, Misses, Bristo place
Falconer, Agnes, Seabeach cottage, Granton
Falkirk Iron Co. Warehouse, 18 Picardy pi. ;
R. K. Mitchell, agent ; house, Corstorphine
Falkner, Mrs J. P., 84 Gilmore place
Falla, Misses M. & J., milliners and straw-hat
makers, 23 Frederick street
Fallon, Peter, grocer, 4 Blackfriars street
Falshaw, James, 26 Castle street
Farmer Office, 6 India buildings
Farmer, Alex., provision dealer, 147 High street ;
house, 10 East Adam street
Farmer, David, 12 Calton hill
Farmer, John, 1 Morningside place
Farmer, Peter, 2 Montague street
Farmer, Miss Agnes, baker, 209 Pleasance
Farnie, Miss, 29 Howard place
Farnington, A. , 9 West Claremont street
Farnworth, Thomas, 7 Atholl terrace
Farquhar, Andrew, grocer, wine and spirit merch. ,
2 Victoria place ; house, 3 Salisbury terrace
Farquhar, James, baker, 10 Portland pi., Leith
Farquhar, John (Equitable Loan Co. of Scotland),
40 St Leonard street
Farquhar, William, West Preston street
Farquhar, William, 50 Cumberland street
Farquhar, Miss J. , 5 Calton hill
Farquhar, Miss Elizabeth, 10 Blackford road
Farquharson, Andrew G. , 1 Pembroke place
Farquharson, Charles H., working jeweller and
watchmaker, 26 Leith street ; house. Jessa-
mine cottage, West Preston street
Farquharson, David, confectioner, 30 and 34
West port ; house, 15 Vennel
Farquharson, David, druggist, 31 Home street
Farquharson, Francis, 15 St Catherine place
Farquharson, Francis, of Finzean, 5 Eton ter.
Farquharson, John, timber merchant, 5 Jane
street ; house, 13 Annandale street
Farquharson, Peter, 29 Clarence street
Farquharson, Miss, 15 Gloucester place
Farquharson, Miss, 1 Clerk street
Farquharson, Miss, 26 Cumberland street
Farrall, Mrs Robert, poulterer, 1 Hope street ;
house, 3 Morrison street
FarreU, Michael, hall keeper, Catholic Institute,
28 St Mary street
Farrie, George, inspector of works, 23 Gordon st.
Farwell, William, 16 Broughton street
Fasson, Charles H., superintendent Royal In-
firmary, Infirraary street
Fedden, C, & Co., coal exporters, commission
merchants, ship and insurance brokers, 36
Commercial street
Fehrenbach, C, milliner and straw-hat maker, 5
Cockburn street ; house, 46
Fender, James, com. traveller, 38 Earl Grey st.
Fender, Mrs, 1 Great Wellington street
Fender, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 40 Main sti-eet
FENTON BROTHERS, hairdressers and per-
fumers, 28 Earl Grey street. ^HSee Adv.

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