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Elliot, .Tames A. , 41 Clerk sti'eet
Elliot, J., general merchant, 35 Sheriff brae
Elliot, Nenion, S.S.C, 35 George iv. bridge ;
house, 44 Eankeillor sti'eet
Elliot, Robert, grocer and provision merchant,
94 West port ; honse, 10 Panmiire place
Elliot, Thomas, provision merchant, 37 C'owgate
Elliot, William Scott, of Arkleton, W.S., 34
Eegent terrace
Elliot, Mrs Thomas, lodgings, 72 S. Clerk street
Elliot, Mrs William, 23 Barony street
EUiot, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 50 Cumberland street
l-llliot, Mrs, cook, 44 India place
EUiot, Mrs, 120 Lauriston place
Elliot, Jliss, 38 Gilmore place
Ellis, George ( W. Stewart <£■ Co.), 3 Hatton pi.
EUis, James M., 28 IncUa street
Ellis, Eobert, ci^-il engineer, 17 Albany street
EUis, Robert, 17 George ia'. bridge
iillis, Thomas, upholsterer, cabinetmaker, under
taker, house agent, and appraiser, 21 and 23
George iv. bridge and North Pitt street
EUis, William, W.S., 17 Albany street
EUis, Mrs, 1 Gayfield place
EUis, Mrs, viUa, 3 Hatton place
EUison, Peter (Dickson <&£.), 15 Livingstone pi
EUison, WiUiam, clerk H.M.R.H., 8 West
Catherine place
Elmslie, George, 2 Melville street
Elouis, Misses, professors of music, 21 A Brougli-
ton place
Elphixgston Colliery Office, St Leonard's
depot ; David M'Neill, agent
Elphinston, Mrs, 60 Albany street, Leith
Eljihinston, Miss, 22 James street
Elrick, James, watchmaker, 9 Ingliston street
Elston, Mrs, lodgings, 12 Hope street
Elwert, Miss, boarding-school for young ladies,
23 Windsor street
Emerv, M., greengrocer, 368 Castle hill
Emigration — Government Emigration Agent,
Donald R. Macgregor, 55 Bernaixl street
Emmerson, James, 8 William street
Engholm & Co., corn mers., 76 Constitution st.
Engholm, Otto {E. d; Co. ), 2 Forth street
SURANCE ASSOCIATION, 120 Princes st. ;
WiUiam Smith, manager. JfcSee Adv.
Eunis, Mrs, giocer and spirit dealer, 32 Abbey
hill ; house, 70
Milne square ; salerooms, 227 High street ;
George Russell, manager. ^See Adv.
Erskine, Alex., slater, 11 St Andrew st., Leith
Erskine, Alex. , spirit merchant, 27 Richmond pi.
Erskine, Andrew, 22 Hawthorn bank place
Erskine, Anthony, 18 West Claremont street
Erskine, Archibald, grocer and sjiirit merchant,
17 Jamaica street ; house, 15
Erskine, A., 139 George street
Erskine, Dugald, 21 Fettes row
Erskine, Geo., pianoforte tuner, 20 Gillespie cr.
Erskine, James, 10 Hill place
Er.skine, Wm. (If'FarlanedjE.), Lothian villa,
Hope park
Erskine, William, house painter, 10 Elder street
Erskine, Mrs Marion, milliner, 102 Abbey hill
Erskine, Mrs, 16 Mansionhouse road
Erskine, Miss, 42 Manor place
Erskine, ]\Iiss, teacher, 21 Barony street
Eschle, Nicholas, 8 Gladstone terrace
Eskdale, John, 2 Viewforth place
Espie, George, S.S.C. [Campbell <i: E.), 6 Rut-
land square
Espie, George, Russell place
Espinasse, Miss, 1 London street
Esson, George A., accountant, 14 Bruntsfield pi.
Ettershank, D. M., engineer, 154 Bonnington road
Eunson & Garrick, tailors and clothiers, 43
Eunson, Andrew, 330 Leith walk, Leitli
Eunson, James, 11 Devon place
Eunson, James, Argyle street
Eunson, Thomas B., confectioner, 22 Water lane
Eunson, William, iDOot and shoe maker, 8 St
Patrick square ; house, 7b
Eunson, ilrs, 336 Leith walk, Leith
Evans, David, .shijimaster, 45 Madeira street
Evans, James, 19 Upper Grove place
Evans, Mrs, victualler, 36 Yardheads
Evans, Mrs, 6 West Claremont sti'eet
Ewan, G. M., working jeweller, 10 North St
Andrew street ; house, 4 Bernard terrace
Ewan, Misses, 121 Princes sti'eet
Ewart & Main, bootmakers, 10 Canning place
Ewart, David, chemist, 61 Charlotte street
Ewart, John, builder, house carpenter, and joiner
Henderson row ; house, 4 •
Ewart, Robert, 41 Maryiield i>lace
Ewart, Mrs, 3 Cornwall street
Ewart, Miss, 30 Clarence street
Ewing, Archibald, merchant and coal agent, 63
Ewing, Jas., carver and gilder, 7 N. Richmond st.
lowing, James, chemist, 30 St Andrew square
Ewing, WiUiam, cooper, 27 Barony street
Ewing, William H., 57 Prince Regent street
Emng, Mrs H., dressmaker, 69 Broughton st.
Ewing, JIrs, 3 Chapel street
Ewing, Mrs T. M. , 5 Brunton place
Exchange Loan Company, 135 High street
Exchange Reading-room, 37 Constitution st.
Exchange Stables, 45 Constitution street
Exchequer Chambers, Parliament square
Experience Investment Society, 76 George
street ; A. Paterson, manager
Extractor's Chambers, 5 New Gen. Register
House ; J. P. Groundwater, assistant-extractor
EjTc, Mrs, 5 Kerr street
Fabront, Sig. L., professor of harp, singing, and
piano, 6 Nelson street
Fackney, Mrs James, lodgings, 25 Bridge street
Faed, James, eiigi-aver, 14 Comely bank
Fair, David Hyne, woollen and linen draper, 21
Grassmarket ; house, 7 Leven terrace
Fair, James, baker, 203 Great Junction street
Fair, Mrs, 15 Ainslie place
Fairbaii'u, A., butcher, 44 Canongate
Fairbairn, Andrew, draper, 12a Home street
Fairbairn, Charles {M'Kay <t F.), Marion villa,
Murray street, Sciennes hill
Fairbairn, George, grocer, 30 Carnegie street
Fairbairn, George H., 19 George street
Fairbairn, Henry, gi'ocer and spirit merchant, 45
Buccleuch street
Fairbairn, Rev. James, Free Church manse,
Laverockbank terrace

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