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Drysdale, Alex., cook and confectioner, 3 and 5
South St Andrew street
Drysdale, A., builder, slater, and glazier, 27
Frederick street and Claremont place ; house,
37 George street
Drysdale, Andrew (Z). d-Baird), 4 Livingstone pi.
Drysdale, David, wine merchant and grocer, 2
Nicolson street ; house, 5 Minto street
Drysdale, James, fruiterer and gTeengrocer, 60
Queen street
Drysdale, Joseph, S.S.C. and accountant, 16
Royal Exchange ; house. Park lodge, 5 Tan-
tallon place
Drysdale, Kobert, grocer and provision merchant,
43 Clerk .street
Drysdale, T. B., C.A., 3 Hart street
Drysdale, William, D.C.S., 3 Hart street
Drysdale, Mrs Captain, 15 Melville terrace
Drysdale, Mrs, Allan villa, 21 St Catherine place
Drysdale, Miss, 12 St Vincent street
Drysdale, Miss, 3 Lonsdale terrace
Ducat, Mrs, 31 Stafford street
DUDGEON, ROBERT, & CO., clothiers, shirt-
makers, robemakers, foreign outiitters, hatters,
hosiers, and glovers, 9 South bridge. ^ See
Dudgeon, Alex., baker, 42 Jamaica street
Dudgeon, Alex., grocer and spirit dealer, 35a
India place
Dudgeon, Archd. , mason, 21 Lady Menzies place
Dudgeon, John, 2 Alva street
Dudgeon, M. , milliner and draper, 1 West park
terrace. Dairy: road
Dudgeon, Mrs Sat'., 20 Regent terrace
Dudgeon, Mrs, 6 Lahsdowne crescent
Dudgeon, Mrs, ©-Gladstone place
Dudgeon, Mrs, 60 Inverleith row
Dudgeon, Misses, 23 Grosvenor street
Duff, Rev. Alex., D.D., LL.D., 22 Lauder road
Duff, Alex., dairy, 52 East Crosscauseway
Duff, Alex., coach -hirer, 21 West Catherine place
Duff, Alex. M., secy. Deaf and Dumb Benevolent
Society (Original), 16 Johnston terrace
Duff, Allan (Commercial Bank), 2 Derby street
Duff, Rev. Henry, 138 Constitution street
Duff, James, painter, 1 Church road, Trinity
Duff, John, leather merchant, 25 Giles street
Duft', John, spirit dealer, 20 Greenside lane
Duff, John, wine and spirit merchant, 17
Frederick street ; house, 5 Howe street
Duff, Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 6 Simp-
son's court, Greenside
Duff", Robert, butcher, 38 and 39 Middle market
Duff, Thomas, coal merchant, Caledonian Rail-
way station, Leith
Duff, William, 33 James street
Duff, William, Avine and spirit merchant, 93
Nicolson street ; house, 102
Duff, Mrs M., milliner, 102 Nicolson .street
Duff, Mrs, 17 St Patrick square
Duff, Mrs, grocer, 46 Brunswick street
Duff, Miss, 1 Arniston place
Duffus, P. , boot and shoe maker, 38 Howe street
Duffy, J. k C, 198 Cowgate
Duffy, Luke, Indian chair maker, caneworker, and
basketraaker, 237 Canongate and 177 High st.
Duffy, Pr., pawnbroker, 60 St Andrew .st., Leith
Duffy, Peter, contractoi-, 8 Robertson's close,
DUFFY, PETER J., show-card and ticket
writer, 265 High street. >{JSee Adv.
Duguid, David, baker, 53 St Leonard street ;
house, 30
Duguid, John, nurseryman and florist. Tower
park, Wardie road
Duke, John, gardener, Rosebank, Broughton rd.
Dumbreck, W., M.D., F.R.C.S., 49 Albany street
Dunbar, James, aerated water manufacturer, 3
Greenside row ; house, 1 North St James' street
Dimbar, James, 7 India street
Dunbar, Rev. M. S., as.sistant Lady Yester's, 46
Great King street
Dunbar, I\Irs, ladies' nurse, 21 Montague street
Dunbar, Mrs, 24 Howard place •
Dunbar, Miss, 17 Lynedoch place
Duncan & Archibald, S.S.C, 1 Heriot row
Duncan & Black, W.S., 6 Hill street
Duncan, Flockhart, & Co. , chemists to the Queen,
52 North bridge and 139 Princes street; night
bells, 54 North bridge and 139 Princes street
Duncan, Flockhart, Powell, & Co., chemists to
the Queen, 18 Bernard street ; house, 19
Duncan, Adam, & Co. , skinners and wool mer-
chants, Canonmills
Duncan, James, & Co., merchants, 12 Baltic st.
Duncan, Thomas, & Co., bootmakers to the
Queen, the Prince of Wales, and Royal Family,
5/ PrmcGS strcGt
DUNCAN, THOMAS, & SONS, brushmakers to
the Queen, wholesale warehouse and manu-
factory, 20 Picardy place. Jj^See Adv.
Duncan, Alex., marble cutter, 13 Leith walk ;
house, 4 Shrub place
Duncan, Alex., S.S.C. and N.P. {Mann d: D.),
Alexandra villa, Stanley road
Duncan, Alex., 16 North Bank street
Duncan, Alex. [Com. Bank), 28 Uj^per Gray st.
Duncan, Alex., manager Insurance Company of
Scotland, 4 Polwarth terrace
Duncan, Alex. R., advocate, 51 Castle street
Duncan, Andrew {T. D. d Sons), 14 Mont-
gomery street
Duncan, A. (A. D. d; Co.), 2 Alfred place
Duncan, Charles, gardener, 9 Canon sti'Cet
Duncan, Colin, Bonnington mount, Ferry road
Duncan, David, 13 Arthur- street
Duncan, D., advocate, 13 Lennox street
Duncan, D., cabinetmaker, 10 South Charlotte st.
Duncan, Esdaile, teacher, St Bernard's Parish
school, 27 Cheyne street
Duncan, George {Anderson d D.), 223 Leith
walk, Leith
Duncan, George, bootmaker, 5 North St James' st.
Diincan, Henry, joiner, N. St Andrew sti-eet lane
Duncan, James B., W.S., 6 Hill street {D. d-
Black, W. S. ) ; house, Meadowbank house,
Eskbank, Dalkeith
Duncan, James, coal merchant, 57 Grove street
Duncan, James, W.S., 6 Hill street {D.d Black);
house, Meadowbank house, Eskbank, Dalkeith
Duncan, James, cabinetmaker, 10 Brighton sti'eet
Duncan, James S., commercial traveller, 320
Leith walk", Leith
Duncan, J. Matthews, M.D., F.R.C.P., 30
Charlotte square
Duncan, Jn. M., advocate, 23 Northumberland st.
Duncan, John, teacher, Bloom.berry cottage,
Grange loan

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