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Doughtie, Robert, cabinetmaker, 24 Barony street;
house, 5 Gibson street
Doughty, Thos., spiiit merchant, 15 Leith walk
Douglas & Mason, wine merchants and Italian
Avarehousemen, 96 George street
DOUGLAS, ANDREW, & SON, Venetian blind
makers, 20 and 22 Greenside place ; house, 51
Montgomery street. ^JcSee Adv.
Douglas & Son, searchers of Public Records, 7
North St David street
Douglas, Geo. & Geo. C. , lathsplitters, Dairy rd.
Douglas, J. B., & Smith, W.S., 62 Frederick st.
Douglas, J. & R., portrait painters and photogi-a-
phers, 1 Hanover street
Douglas, Robt., & Son, grocers, 21 Lothian road
Douglas, A., junior, 57 ilontgomery street
Douglas, Alex., joiner, 58 Broughton street
Douglas, Alex. {Lbidsay tt D.), 39 Barony st.
Douglas, Alex. Sholto, W.S., 5 Hill street ; ho.
15 Great King street
Douglas, Andrew HalMay, M.D., P.R.C.P., 27
India street
Douglas, Archibald, 6 Jane terrace
Douglas, Archibald {New Oen. Rerjlster House),
Blackford villa, 9 Morningside place
Douglas, Christopher, W.S., 5 Hill street; house,
13 AthoU crescent
Douglas, David, Aniter, 6 Clarence street
Douglas, David (Edmonston <t D.), 41 Castle st.
Douglas, D., W.S., 4 Stafford street
Douglas, Francis Brown, advocate, 21 Moray pi.
Douglas, George, spirit merchant, 2 Little King
street ; house, 51 Montgomeiy street
Douglas, George, gardener, 21 Livingstone place
Douglas, Geo. C. {G. <t G. C. D.), 3 Cambridge st.
Douglas, George M., 2 Sciennes hill i)lace
Douglas, Major George, 30 Buckingham terrace
Douglas, Hugh, 15 Arthur- street
Douglas, James, 23 "West Sciennes
Douglas, James, dentist, 1 Hope park terrace
Douglas, James, house painter, 2 Forrest hill ;
house, 3 Forrest road
Douglas, Jas., picture restorer, 29 Frederick st.
Douglas, James, victual dealer, 2 Castle barns ;
house, 90 Gilmore place
Douglas, James, Ph.D., teacher, 6 Howard place
Douglas, James, junior, 15 West Catherine place
Douglas, J. T. {D. 1- Son), 2 St Agnes, Viewforth
Douglas, James, lathsplitter, Thomas street ;
house, 15 West Catherine place
Douglas, James Crawford, 15 Howard place
Douglas, James, 24 Grange loan
Douglas, James, of Cavers, 22 Gilmore place
Douglas, John B., W.S., 12 Drummond place
Douglas, John W. {In. Rev. ), 30 Royal circus
Douglas, John, provision merchant, 4 Calton st.
Douglas, Peter, dyer and scourer, 5 Potterrow
Douglas, R., spirit merchant, 49 Rose street;
house, 4 Jamaica street
Douglas, Robert, 25 Bread street
Douglas, Robert, spirit merchant, 24 Mitchell
street ; house, 19 Primrose street
Douglas, Robert, 5 Jane terrace
Douglas, Thos. (successor to Vallance), clothier
and breeches maker, 9, 11, and 15 AVest
Register street ; house, 3 Hope park terrace
Douglas, T. H. {D. cO Son), St Bride's, Borough-
Douglas, Thos., victual dealer, 98 & 99 Main st.
Douglas, Thomas W., clerk to Lloyds' Register
of Shipping, 66 Prince Regent street
Douglas, Timothy G., North British Rubber Co.,
5 Bruntsfield crescent
Douglas, W. C, agent, 32 Dublin street
Douglas, AVilliam, engraver, 2 Grcyfriars place
Douglas, W. S. , agent and mercantile accountant,
2 Greyfriars place
Douglas, William, joiner, 4 Wemyss terrace
Douglas, William, 15 Princes street
Douglas, William, agent for the Scottish E<|ui-
table Life and the Imperial Fire Insurance
Companies, 6 Howard place
Dougla.s, Rev. William, 18 Dublin street
Douglas, William F., R.S.A., 4 Wemyss place
Douglas, Mrs Admiral, 6 Blackford road
Douglas, Mrs Catherine, hat manufacturer, 30
Lothian street
Douglas, Mrs Hugh, 4 Maiyfield place
Douglas, Mrs Thomas G., 34 Rose street
Douglas, Mrs W., 10 Laverockbank terrace
Douglas, Mrs, 7 North-west Circus place
Douglas, Airs, 36 Cumberland street
Douglas, Mrs, 9 Bi-untsfield place
Douglas & Drennon, Misses, dressmakers, 16
Brougham street
Douglas, Miss, 25 Chester street
Douglas, Miss, 13 Hart street
Douglas, Miss, teacher, 14 Breadalbane street
Douglas, Miss, 9 Seton place
Douglas, Miss, 1 Oxford terrace
Douglas, Miss, 4 Cumin place
Douglas, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 5 Dcan-
haugh street
Douglas Hotel, 34 and 35 St Andrew square
Doull, James, joiner, cabinetmaker, and house
agent, 6 Park street
Doull, James A., joiner, 11 Charles street
Doull, John, 11 West Adam street
Doull, William, watchmaker, 12 Church street
Dove, James, & Co., engineers, smiths, fire-engine
and hose makers, and coach-timber benders, 18
Greenside lane
Dove, David, S.S.C. (Goldie d- D.), 8 York place ;
house, Wavei'ley cottage, Eskbaiik, Dalkeith
Dove, Hector, Rose cottage, Trinity road
Dovey, Rev. John, East Marion villa, ilurray
street, Sciennes hill
Dow & Fender, hosiers, shirtmakers, and hatters,
29 Princes street
Dow, James, & Son, wrights and undertakers,
33J Dean path
Dow, William T., & Co., grain and commission
agents, 2 Baltic street
Dow, Alex., wine and spirit dealer, 7 St Andrew
street ; house, 4 Northumberland place
Dow, David, 25 York place
Dow, George, wine and spirit merchant, 10
Chapel street, 70 Bristo street, 82 Potterrow,
and 34 Candlemaker row ; house, 1 Fingal
Dow, James (D. li- Fender), 13 Merchiston teiTace
Dow, James, 17 Bread street
Dow, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 11 Spring
gardens. Abbey hill
Dow, James R., printer, 23 Dundas street
Dow, J. Allan, hatter, 65 North Bridge ; house,
34 Buccleuch place
Dow, James W., 10 Claremont place

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