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Doils, Kobert, 1 West Claremont street
Dods, Mrs John, 26 Eankeillor street
Doherty, H., boot and slioe maker, 114 Cowgate
Doherty, Jolm, boot and sboe mercbant, 73 and
75 St Mary street
Doherty, John, bootmaker, 137 "West port
Doherty, John, fruit and egg dealer, 20 and 21
Waverley market
Doherty, Sarah, confectioner, 76 C'anongate
Doig, M'Kechnie, & Daries, carvers, gilders,
pictiu'e liners, and plate-glass merchants, 89
George sti'eet
Doig, Alex., spirit merchant, 1 and 3 Leitli
walk, Leith ; house, 5
Doig, Captain A. J. , AVardie road
Doig, Charles, assistant clerk of Session, 9 Kew
Register House ; house, Seafield house, Sealield
Doig, Jas., smith and ironmonger, 3 St Patrick
sq^uare ; house, 13 East Preston street
Doig, James, fruiterer and greengrocer, 6 Market
place, 28 Pitt street, and Stockbridge market
Doig, James, spirit dealer, 2>i Shore
Doig, Thomas D. , 8 Hamilton place
Doig, iirs Eobert, spii'it merchant, 1 Hunter
square ; house, 3 Graham street
Doig, Miss, 312 Leith walk, Leith
Dollar, Geo., butcher, 59 Causewayside ; ho. 62
Dominj', George, 38 Dublin street
Don, Duncan, MTiter, 19 India street
Don, J., packing-box maker, 89 Great Junction
sti-eet ; house, 7 Morton street
Don, Joseph, 7 Henderson row
Donahue, W., chimuey-sweeijer, 6 Middlcton's
Donald, George B., gardener, 7 Grindlay street
Donald, Isaac L., watchmaker, 4 Gray's place
Donald, James, editor, Haymarket terrace
Donald, James, chaper, 73 Broughtou street
Donald, John, 91 Causewayside
DONALD, JOHlS^,chmamercht.,Bristo port lane,
Bristo port ; house, 60 George sq. ij^See Adv.
Donald, William, silk dyer, Stockbridge dye-
works, Yeitch's srjuare ; house, 28 Collins pi.
Donald, Mrs Alex., 7 Danube street
Donald, Mi-s, 6 L^nion street, Leith
Donald, Miss, 9 Whitehouse terrace
Donaldson's Hospital ; treasui-er's office, 61
Castle street, John Cook, W.S.
DONALDSON, GEOEGE, & SONS, gi-ocers and
wine merchants, 26 "West Maitland street and
1 Mackenzie place ; house, 27 St Bernard's
crescent. >i^See Adv.
Donaldson, George & William, solicitors, 3 Buc-
cleucli place ; agents for the North British
Mercantile Assm'ance Company
Donaldson, William, & Co., general outfitters,
clothiers, and men's mercers, 10 South bridge
Donaldson, Alex., 27 St Bernard's crescent
Donaldson, Alex. (W. d: B. Cowan), 15 Mayfield
Donaldson, Arch. {Shaw k D.), 56 Clerk sti'eet
Donaldson, David, baker, 2 Canongate
Donaldson, David, paym.aster-sergeaut, Edin-
bui-gh Artillery Militia, Easter road
Donaldson, George, marine engineer, 1 Hope ter-
race, Leith
Donaldson, George, wiight, 6 South St James'
Donaldson, James, 2 Tarvit street
Donaldson, James, spirit dealer, 8 St Andrew
street, Leith
Donaldson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 7
Hamilton place
Donaldson, James, clerk, 25 Haddington place
Donaldson, James, LL.D., rector High School,
20 Great King street
Donaldson, James, grocer and spirit dealer, etc.,
13 Hillhousefield
Donaldson, James, printer, 333 High street
Donaldson, James ¥., watchmaker and jeweller,
52 George iv. bridge ; house, 4 Lindsay place
Donaldson, Jas., tobacco-pipe manufacturer, 6
Storie's alley, Kirkgate ; house, 30 Duke street,
DONALDSON, JOHN F. B., clock and watch
maker and jeweller, 14 North bridge ; house, 4
Graham street. ijcSee Adv.
Donaldson, John, 9 Gladstone terrace
Donaldson, John, printers' fm'nisher, 12 St James'
Donaldson, John, 8 Keir street
Donaldson, John, 4 lufu'mary street
Donaldson, John, teacher, 23 Clerk street
Donaldson, John, Cherrybauk, Newhaven road
Donaldson, John G., spirit merchant, 73 Cock-
burn street ; house, 4 Lindsay place
Donaldson, J. H., clerk, 9 S.E. Circus place
Donaldson, Eobert, grocer, 10 Admiralty street;
house, 14
Donaldson, Thomas C, 7 Johnston terrace
Donaldson, Thos. , church officer {Dean F. C. ),
43 Dean path
Donaldson, William, grocer, 10 Moray street
Donaldson, William, hosier and draper, 11 Green-
side place
Donaldson, William, 24 Buccleuch place
Donaldson, William {Judicial Statistics), 4 Up-
per Dean terrace
Donaldson, AVilliam, slater, glazier, and chim-
ney-sweeper, 37 Broughton street
Donaldson, ]\Irs Andrew, 59 York place
Donaldson, Mrs Eliza, grocer, 43 Canongate
Donaldson, Mrs George, 27 St Bernard's cresct.
Donaldson, Mrs J., 10 Wellington place, Leith
Donaldson, Mrs J., embroiderer, 27 Blaii- street
Donaldson, Mrs, lodgings, 13 Hill place
Donaldson, Mrs, 31 Lothian road
Donaldson, Mrs, 2 George place
Donaldson, Misses, dressmakers, 4 Eankeillor st.
Donaldson, Miss, 26 Walker street
Donnell, John 0., 6 West Nicolson street
Donnelly, F., 7 Nicolson square
Donnelly, Wm., drillmaster, 22 Brougham street
Donohoe, T., broker, 95 St Andrew street, Leitli
Dores & Laidlaw, fleshers, 24 and 25 Middle mar-
Dorret, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 9a Clarence street
Dorward, William, 29 Eichmond place
Dott, Aitken, carver, gilder, and frame maker,
14 and 16 South St David street
Dougal, James, writer, 10 Drumdryan street
Dougal, Eob., boot and shoe merch., 122 Kii'kgate
Dougal, Wm., bootmaker, 5 India pi. ; house, 7
Dougal, Miss, dressmaker, 11 Grindlay street
Dougall, William {Marley Hill Coking Co.), 11a
Antigua street
Dougall, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 8 Nicolson square
Dougall, Jane, di'essmaker, 65 Grove street

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