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Dick.son, Thomas, butcher, Granton harbour
Dickson, Thomas (late seedsman), 17 Canning pi.
Dickson, Thomas, 6 Grosvenor crescent
Dickson, William (/. D. d- Co.), 38 York place
DIXON, THOMAS, k SON, coal merchants, 36
St Leonard street. JfCSee Adv.
Dixon, Edward, 4 Warriston crescent
Dixon, James, 17 London street
Dickson, "W. , candlemaker, 124: Nicolson street iDixon, E., china merchant, 102 Kiikgate and
Dickson, William, accountant, 10 Roj'al ckcus
Dickson, William, 11 South St James' street
Dickson, William, wholesale tea, coffee, and
general merchant, 14 Bristo street ; house,
Avon villa, Hatton place
Dickson, William, chemist and dmggist, 6 Mel-
ville terrace
Dickson, William, tanner, 34 Yardheads
Dickson, William, 7 Charles sti-eet
55 Yardheads
Dixon, Wm. Jas., butcher, poidterer, etc., 46
Dundas sti-eet ; house, 26 Eoyal crescent
Dixon, iirs John, 9 Cobden terrace
Dixon, Mrs John, hosier and draper, 80 Pleasancej
house, 5 Roxburgh place
Dixson, Robert, baker, 9 East Register street ;
house, 31 St James' square
Dixson, Miss, dressmaker, 36 George street
Dickson, WilUam R., of Alton, 5 Regent ten-ace ! Dobbie, David D., carrier, 2 Gladstone terrace
Dickson, William, plumber, 62 Candlemaker row; Dobbie, John, Waverley cliuing rooms and com-
Dickson, William, victual dealer and corn mer- m ere ial lodgings, 10 Market street
chant, 42 Leven st. ; house, 16 Wright's houses Dobbie, Malcolm 6., bookseller, 320 Leith walk,
Dickson, Mrs Chaides, 16 Duncan street I Leith
Dickson, ^Irs Dr, 13 Clarendon crescent ! Dobbie, Janet, daiiy, 23 Hercles street
Dickson, Mrs Walter, 3 Hojal circus jDobie, Alex., 9 Gillespie crescent
Dick.son, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 61 Prince Regent st. DOBIE, GEORGE, jiainter and decorator, 23
Dickson, Mrs, 3 Chapel street
Dickson, Mrs, 49 Lauriston place
Dickson, ^hs, gi-ocer, 23 Jamaica street
Dickson, Mrs, 9 Great Jujiction street
Dickson, ilrs John, 5 Nicolson street
Dickson, ilr.s, 20 East Claremont street
Dickson, Mrs, 3 Oxford street
Dickson, Sirs, lodgings, 23 Stafford street
Dickson, MLss, 11 Brought ou place
Dickson, Miss, dressmaker, 12 Melville place
Dickson, iliss, 3 Forres street
Dickson, Miss, 166 Foimtainbridge
Dickson, Miss A. , 44 Grange road
Dickson, Miss M. J
Grove pi
George st. ; house, 17 Dundas st. ^Bee Adv.
Dobie, H. J., cabinetmaker, 50b Broughtou st.
Dobie, J. M., bookseller, 12 North Bank street
Dobie, John, dauy and pro^-ision merchant, 24
Grindlay street
Dobie, John, 7 Sciennes hiU
Dobie, Thomas (G.P.O.), 5 Parkside street
Dobie, William, clerk, 34 Rosebank cottages
Dobie, Miss, dressmaker, 11 Cable wynd
Dobson, M. & J., drapers, 64 and 66 Laui'iston
street ; house, 23
Dobson k Pyi^er, builders. Glen street
Dobson, Alex. , 7 Alva place
music teacher, 6 Uppei- Dobson, E. (D. d- Pypa'), 5 Glen street
Dobson, George, timber merchant {E. Pari: d:
Dickson, Misses, 7 Merchiston avenue Co. ), 3 Wellington place, Leith
Dickson, Misses, dressmakers, 6 Park .street ; Dobson, John, 37 William street
Dickson, Misses W. k J., trimmings and small Dobson, R. {A. Thomson d Son), 318 Leith walk,
wares, 3 Great Junction street | Leith
Dillon, A., temperance hotel, 21 Leith street Dobson, W. T., 80 PotteiTow
Dillon, Patrick, fm-niture broker, 233 Cowgate Dobson, Mrs, 10 Gladstone ten'ace
Dilly, Frederick (G.P.O.), 4 Great King sti'eet DOCHARD, DUNCAN, agent Perceton fire-clay
Ding^^•all, Arthur', advocate, 9 Randoljjh crescent sewerage pipes, etc.; depot, 11 Dalrj' road;
Dingwall, John, coach-body maker, 26 Cumber- j house, 16 Dewar place. ^See Adv.
land street < Docherty, John, 44 India place
Dingwall, R., 25 Gillespie crescent iDodds, David (Broun li- D.), 16 Panmure place
J)ing^vall, Robert, cooper, 24 Laiuiston place Dodds, George, grocer and spirit merchant, 3
Ding^vell, Robert, broker, 40 Bristo street Kii'kwood place ; house, 1 Marshall pdace
Dippie, James (•/. Livingston d- Co.), 9 Gladstone | Dodds, James, teacher, 9 Lauri.ston street
place ( Dodds, James, daiiy, 9 Young street
Disher, Jolm, brewer, Edinburgh and Leith Dodds, Peter, tinsmith and gasfitter, 53 Duke
Brewery ; house, 14 Greenldll gardenij j street, Leith ; house, 25 Glover street
Disher, Robert, brewer, E. & L. Brewing Co. ; Dodds, Rev. George, 28 Buccleuch place
house, 8 Greenhill gardens iDodds, Robert, 34 Barony street
Disher, Robert, 4 Merchiston ten-ace
Di.shington, Thomas, k Co., com factors and
general comm. agents, 56 Constitution street
Dishington, Isaac, Arg^de street
Dishington, Thomas (T. I), d Co.), Lark villa,
Laverockliauk tenace. Trinity
DisPE>",sARY A^"D HuJiA^'E SociEri', MiU lane :
George Gordon, superiutendent ; Mrs Gordon,
DisPEXSAKY, New Town, 17 Thistle street
DispENSAiiY, Royal Public, 21 W. Richmond st.
Divorty, Rev. George, secretaiy of the Scottish
Reformation Society, 7 North-west Circus pi.
Dodds, William, house painter and glazier, etc.,
2 Ingliston street
DODDS, MRS, Governess' Institution, and Select
Register Office for Male and Female Sen^ants,
1 Charlotte place. ^See Adv.
Dodds, Miss, 7 ]\Iorningside place
Dods, Andrew, engineer, 21 Bangor road
Dods, George, assessor of railway and canal pro-
perty in Scotland, 5 Gaj'field square
Dods, John, gardener. Old Botanic cottage,
Haddington pdace
Dods, John, cabinetmaker and furniture dealer,
66 Cowgate ; house, 21 Upper Gray street

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