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Clark, Alexander, gardener, 19 Tarvit street
Clark, A. , 1 Salisbiiry bank, St Leonard's hill
Clark, Amli'ew Eutlierfiud, Q.C., LL.D., advo-
cate, Solicitor-General, 17 Great Stnart street
Clark, Andrew, S.S.C. and N.P., 13 Bernard
street ; lioiise, 5 Hermitage place, Leith
Clark, A., fm-niture dealer, 18 W. Nicolson st.
Clark, Ai-chd., brass finisher, 1 Gladstone place
Clark, Charles, com. traveller, 22 Alva place
Clark, Crichton, shipmaster, 6 Hope ter., Leith
Clark, David, accountant, 16 W. Claremont st.
Clark, David, millwright, 50 Grove sti'eet
Clark, Da'S'id, sick attendant, 5 Market place
Clark, Donald, spirit dealer, "Water of Leith
Clark, F. , boot and shoe warehouse, 7 Leggat's
land ; house, 6
Clark,. Francis, grocer and spirit merchant, 150
Duke street, Leith
Clai'k, George, joiner, 8 Falcon place, Morning-
side ; house, 6
Clark, H. E., silk mercer, millinery and dress-
making saloons, 127b George street ; house, 6
Castle terrace
C'lai'k, James, assistant-inspector of mails, 7
Annandale street
Clark, James, stocking maker, 3 Canning place
Clark, J. S., writer, 17 St Patrick square
Clark, James, 27 Mary field place
Clark, James, bricklayer and furnace builder, 18
Semple street
Clark, James, flesher, 18 and 25 Middle market
Clark, J., painter and paperhanger, 1 Lothian
Clark, James, dairyman. Poplar lane
Clark, James T., assistant-librarian (Advocates'
Library), 21 Leopold place
Clark, J., 6 Dumbiedykes road
Clark, John, 16 West Xewington place
Clark, John, confectioner, 26 Kii'kgate ; house,
6 St Anthony court
Clark, John, 9 Grindlay street
Clark, John, flesher, 16 High market
Clark, John, 35 Lauriston gardens
Clark, John, 17 Albany street, Leith
Clark, John, of Kirkland Park, Avondale, 4 In-
verleith row
Clark, John, wine and spirit merchant, 42 Cross-
Clark, Martin, round, o^-al, and spiral turner,
sawmiller, SilvermUls ; ho. 49 Brunswick st.
Clark, Patrick, spirit merchant, 14 Coalhill
Clark, R. , printer, 42 Hanover street
Clark, Robert, 37 East Claremont street
Clark, Robert, stationer, engraver, and litho-
gi-apher, 15 Elder st. ; house, 13 Leopold place
Clark, Thomas {T. <£■ T. C), 8 Claremont cresc.
Clark, Thomas, clerk, 31 Scotland street
Clark, Thomas, 19 Fettes row
Clark, Thomas, grocer and mne merchant, 38
Grove street ; house, 1 Leven terrace
Clark, Thomas, butcher, 48 Bristo st. ; house, 46
Clark, Thomas, A.R.S.A., 12 Castle teiTace
Clark, Thomas D., 3 Saunders sti'eet
Clark, Walter, 3 Dabymple place
Clark, W. D., picture dealer, printseller, and
artists' colourman, 67 Princes street ; house,
1 Knox place. East Mayfield loan
Clark, W. J. (Royal Engineer Depot), 4 Coates
CLARK, AVM., N. British Loan Ollice, 312 Lawn-
market ; ho. 2 Lord Russell pi. JjiSee Adv.
Clark, William, 22 Carnegie street
Clark, William, 21 Leopold place
Clark, William, smith and ironmonger, 13 Can-
ning place ; house, 1 4
Clark, William, 16 Gladstone terrace
Clark, William, china and stoneware merchant,
6 Canning place
Clark, Mrs A., 51 Earl Grey street
Clark, Mrs George, 17 Forth street
Clark, Mrs John, 1 9 Graham street
Clark, Mrs J. A., 30 Hamilton place
Clark, Mrs Robert, 36 Drummond place
Clark, ilrs, provision dealer, 125 St Leonard st.
Clark, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 16 Upper Grove place
Clark, Mrs, sen., 17 Great Stuart street
Clark, Mrs, 4 Albert terrace, Morningside
Clark, Mrs, 3 St Bernard's row
Clark, Mrs, 12 West Richmond street
Clark, Mrs, broker, 34 South Richmond street
Clark, Mrs, milliner, 37 WiUiani street
Clark, Miss, 1 2 Maitland street
Clark, Miss, 1 Gladstone terrace
Clark, ;Miss M. , 18 Clarence street
Clark, Misses, 15 Dick place
Clark, Jane, 122 Causewayside
Clarke, Alexander Nicoll, 3 Gloucester place
Clarke, James, 58 Broughton street
Clarke, Thomas, commercial ti-aveller, Mansfield
rilla, Stanley road
Clarkson, Alexander, commission agent, etc., 14
South St Andrew street ; house, 7 Minto street
Clarkson, Andrew, house agent, 19 Ashley
buUdings, 21 High street
Clarkson, James, 13 Caledonian crescent
Clarkson, James Bm-net, Avenel, Colinton road
Clarkson, Joseph, 7 Pillans place
Clarkson, Lieutenant-Colonel, 5 Carlton street
Clarkson, Mrs, 7 Minto street
Clason, James H., 4 Merchiston crescent
Clason, Miss, 4 Merchiston crescent
Clayhills, Mrs, 8 Leamington terrace
Clazie, Clias., victual dealer, 35 IST. Junction st.
Cleghorn, James, builder, 15 Murdoch terrace
CLEGHORN, M., portmanteau, trunk, and
brush manufacturer, 5 South St Andrew
street ; house, 31 India street. ifcSee Adv.
Cleghorn, Peter, 17 Roxburgh street
Cleghorn, Thomas, advocate, sherifl" of Argyle-
shire, 26 Queen street
Cleghorn, Miss Jane, Berlin and fancy ware-
house, 66 George street ; house, 31 Lidia st.
Cleland, John, mill-pick manufacturer. Water
of Leith
Cleland, Peter, teacher of drawing and painting,
2 Darnaway street
Cleland, Misses, 66 North Frederick street
Clelland, A., architect, 10 Catherine street
Clelland, James, grocer, 10 West Adam street
Clelland, Thomas F., F.E.I.S., teacher, 3 and 5
Albany street, Leith
Clelland, Mrs, upholsteress, 64 Causewayside
Clemandot, Mdlle. , teacher of French, 8 Ran-
dolph place
Clement, J. A., teacher, John Watson's Institu-
Clement, Walter, 12 Cobden terrace
Clements, Adam F., 4 Lewis teiTace

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