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Calder, Mrs, 19 Cumberland street
Calder, Miss C. A., teacher of music, 45 Minto st.
Calder, Miss, 14 Barony street
Calderwood, Rev. Henry, LL.D., Professor of
Moral Philosophy, University of Edinburgh,
Craigrowan, Napier road
Calderwood, Henry, commercial traveller, 8 Wood-
ville terrace
Caldwell & Co., button and trimming merchants,
313 High street
Caldwell Brothers, wholesale stationers, en-
gravers, and lithographic printers, 11, 13,
and 15 Waterloo place
Caldwell, David, hosier and glover, 37 and 39
Leith stieet ; house, 11 Chalmers crescent
Caldwell, David, 24 Panmure place
Caldwell, H., tobacconist and stationer, 25 Duke
street, Leith ; ho. 3 Hawthorn bank terrace
Caldwell, Wm. (sup. engineer, Leith, Hull, and
Hamburg Co.), Manhattan villa, Summerside
place. Ferry road
Caldwell, Wm., Clydesdale inn, 26 Grassmarket
Caledonian Coal Co., 3 Dublin street ; F. W.
Brickman, manager
ANCE CO., 19 George street ; John Moinet,
manager ; agents, Mann & Duncan, S.S.C,
42 Bernard street. ^ See Adv.
(LIMITED), 28 Frederick street ; R. Wilson,
manager. ^ See Adv.
Caledonian Hotel, 1 Castle street
Caledonian Loan Office, 10 Riddle's close ;
Alex. Garland, manager
Caledonian Railway Co.'s Carting De-
FAETMENT ; goods and jjarcels received and
forwarded by goods and passenger trains ;
orders received for uplifting goods ; offices, 32
George iv. bridge, 21 Candlemaker row, 11
Princes street, Lothian road goods station, 7
Bernard street, and Leith goods station ; Arch.
M'Gregor, district carting superintendent
Caledonian and London and North-Westehn
Railway Co.'s General Enquiry and Passenger
Booking Office, for west coast route, 11 Princes
Caledonian Railway Co.'s Goods Manager's
office, 11 Princes street
Caledonian United Service Club, 14 Queen
street ; H. Astley Hardinge, secretary
Caledonian Youths' Friendly Society : Alex.
Leitch, 3 Gladstone terrace, treasurer ; James
Davie, 20 Spittal street, secretary
Callam, George, & Co., braziers to Her Majesty,
tinplate workers, plumbers, smiths, and iron-
mongers, 13 Greenside place
Callam, Thos. , & Son, gasfitters, braziers, copper-
smiths, and tinplate workers, 51 Shore
Callam, George {T.C. d- So7i), 1 Summerside st.,
Ferry road
Callam, Miss Isabella, 32 East Preston street
Callander, John, 1 Hilkide crescent
Callander Coal Co. ; Andrew Taylor, 9 Port
Hamilton, agent
Callender, David, & Sons, tanners and curriers,
St Anthony lane, Leith, and Bennington
Callender, Alex. {D. C. £ Sons), 6 Lochend road
Callender, Henry, C.A., 19a Hill street ; house
8 St Vincent street
Callender, John A., 2 Newbattle terrace
Callender, Peter, baker and confectioner, Morning-
side bank ; house, 2 Blackford place
Callender, Thos. (Z). C. cfe Sons), Ardvilla, Raimes-
field, Ferry road
Callender, Mrs George, confectioner, 10 Rosehill
Callender, Miss, 27 Upper Gray street
Callender, Miss, 14 Millei-field place
Callender, Misses, 17 Duke street, Leith
Galium, Miss, music teacher, 6 Lonsdale terrace
Calver, Charles, jun., wine and spirit merchant,
80 West bow ; house, 13 Forbes road
Calver, Robert, straw hat manufacturer, 27 South
bridge ; house, 9 Hill square
Calvert, F. B., A.M., rhetorical lecturer and
teacher of elocution, New College, 2 West
Cambridge, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 9
Raeburn place
Camden Society, 22 Frederick street ; T. G.
Stevenson, agent
Cameron Brothers, jjhotograjjhers. Old Zoological
gardens ; house. Rose cottage, Broughton rd.
Cameron & Mitchell, grocers, 118 Leith ^^■alk
Cameron, J. & P., general carriers and contractors,
agents for the Midland Railway Co. , in con-
nection with the N. British Railway : offices, 5
Brown sq., Waverley bridge goods station, and
railway office. Constitution street
Cameron, James, & Son, hair manufacturers, 1
Physic gardens
Cameron, Alex. (Customs), 8 Ha\\thorn bank ter.
Cameron, Alex., butler, 10 Gardner's crescent
Cameron, Archibald, commercial traveller, 8
Salisbury bank
Cameron, Charles, com. agent, 40 Quality street
Cameron, Charles, 10 Athole terrace
Cameron, Charles, 6 Bonnington place
Cameron's Commercial hotel, 21 and 22 Flesh-
market close
Cameron, D., 27 Elder street
Cameron, Daniel, shoemaker, 34a N. Pitt street
Cameron, Duncan, wholesale stationer and steel
pen patentee, 23 Blair st. ; ho. 11 Arniston pi.
Cameron, Ewen [Macrae d: C.), 125 Princes st.
Cameron, Ewen, watchmaker, 1 E. London st.
Cameron, George, feather dresser and bedding
manufacturer, Sunbury, Dean
Cameron, Henry, bootmaker, 47 Lothian street
Cameron, H., teacher, 27 Gayfield .square ; house,
8 Annandale street
Cameron, Hugh (manager, Scottish Property
Investment Co.), 7 Leven ten-ace
Cameron, Hugh, butcher, 15 High market
Cameron, Hugh, R.S.A., 16 Picardy place ; house,
21 India street
Cameron, Hugh, printer, 7 Sali.sbury street
Cameron, J. A., lithographer and letterpress
printer, stationer, and bookbinder ; Cameron's
Time Tables, 10 Clerk street
Cameron, James, grocer, 22 Broughton street
Cameron, James, philosophical instrument maker,
39 South bridge
Cameron, James, 14 Arthur street
Cameron, James, 3 West Stanhope place
Cameron, James, painter and glazier, 214 Canon-
gate; house, 17 St James' square
Cameron, Jas. , j oiner, 1 Anderson pi. , Bonnington

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