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Burns, Thomas, joiner, 115 Causewaj-side ; house,
31 Slinto street
Burns, liirs, IT West Nicolson street
Burns, iirs "William, 6 Comely green place
Biuus, Mrs, S Upper Grove place
Buins, Jtirs, cook, 122 Eose street
Burns, Mrs James D., 13 Glengyle terrace
Bui-ns, Mrs "William, 9 Bernard terrace
Burns, Mrs, 41 Grindlay street
Bivrns, Miss, 25 Charlotte square
Biu-ns, Miss, 1 Hailes street
Bm-nside, Mrs John, 2 Crichton street
Bumside, Jane, fruiterer, 11 Antigua street
BiuTiside, Miss, 12 L3Tiedocli place
Burrell k, Byers, printers, 20 Assembly street
Burrell, C, â– nine and spirit mercht., 8 Jamaica st.
Buit, Alexander, coal merchant. North British
station, Leith walk ; house, 17 Balfour street
Burt, Benjamin, M.D., 19 Coates crescent
Burt, Robert, mattress maker, 47 Blackfriars st.
Burt, Mrs, 12 York place
Bui't, Mrs, 35 London street
Bui-t, Mrs, 34 Eeid terrace
Burt, Miss C, IS Dundas street
Burt, Miss, 8 Atholl place
Burt, Miss, 47 Great King street
Burton, F. W., tobacconist, 11 South College st.
Bui-ton, J. H., LL.D., advocate, office of H.M.
Prison Managers, 30 Castle terrace
Burton, E. J. H., 3 "West Cromwell street
Burton, James, ^\Tight and builder, St Stephen
sti'eet ; house, 9 "West Claremout street
Bui'ton, James, 43 India place
Builon, James, 60 Pleasance
Burton, Mungo, artist, 19 Leopold place
Biu-ton, Mrs Alex., 5 "Whitehouse terrace
Bur-ton, Mrs, 9 Dean street
Bush, John, Craigleith cottage, Comely bank
Butchard, C. T. (G.P.O.), 3 Pilrig cottages
Butchart, Alex., mason, 11 Upper Grove place
Butler, David, 59 ilontgomeiy street
Butler, James, glazier, 54 Bruns-n-ick street
Butler, Eobert, spirit dealer, 5 Drummond st. ;
house, 61 Clerk street
Butler, Walter, 8 Kerr street
Butt, Diediick, sugar boiler, 23 Breadalbane st.
Butters, Alex., bootmaker, 9 Broughton street
Butters, Jas., horse-shoer, Leslie place; house,
2 Dean street
Butters, Laurence, seal engi-aver to the Queen,
die cutter, and heraldic designer, 41 Geo. st.
Butti, J. A., carver, gilder, looking-glass manu-
facturer, fine arts collector, and dealer in
articles of vertu, 7 Queen street
Byers, John, teacher, 18 Gladstone terrace
Byres, David, 13 Findhorn place
Byrne, Michael, 28 Eutland street
BjTue, Eev. Martin J., St Patrick's, Cowgate
Cadden, Geo., bootmaker, 10 South College st.
Cadell, Francis, surgeon, M.B., F.E.C.S.E., 4
Buckingham terrace
Cadell, Mrs Alex., 4 Bellevue terrace
Cadell, ;Mrs, 4 Buckingham terrace
Cadell, Mrs, The Cedars, 23 Greenhill gardens
Cadenhead, A. F., writer, 6 Vallej'field street
Cafe Royal Hotel, West Register place
Caird, Andrew, linen and woollen draper, 27
Duke street, Leith ; house, 29
Caird, Edward, 3 Chalmers crescent
Caii-d, F. G., agent, 18 Caltou hill
Cairncross, H. L., chemist, 13 Upper Grove pi.
Caii-nie, John, upholsterer, 9 George st. ; house,
24 Eaeburn place
Cairns, G. & H., W.S., 21 St Andrew square
Caii'ns, Andrew D., spuit merchant, 45 Leith st. ;
house, 11 Leopold place
Cauus, A., grocer and wine merchant, 99 and 120
High street ; house, 4 St Catherine place
Cairns, David, grocer and spirit merchant, 26
Baronj' street
Cairns, George ( Wood JL- C. ), 6 St John street
Cairns, Henry, W.S., 21 St Andrew square
Cairns, James (messenger, Life Association), 54
Eose street lane
Cairns, John, dairy, 90 Fountaiubridge
Caii-ns, John, 15 Brougham street
Cairns, John, 1 St Catherine place
Cairns, John, 31 Nicolson street
Caims, J., grocer, 226 Cowgate
Cairns, Thomas, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., L.E.C.P.E.,
physician and surgeon, 61 Lauriston place
Cairns, Thomas, brewer {Union Barm Co.), 44
Candlemaker row
Cairns, Walter, 7 Charles street
Caii-ns, William, joiner and cabinetmaker, 14
Saunders street ; house, 24 Home street
Cairns, Wm. , commercial traveller, 2 Lothian rd.
Cairns, William, IS Couper street
Cairns, Mrs Helen, wine and spirit mercht., 330
Lawnmarket ; house, 2 Hope park square
Cairns, Mrs John, milliner, 47 North Junction
street ; house, 2 Hope terrace, Leith
Cairns, Mrs, 41a Broughton street
Cairns, Mrs, 15 Greenhill gardens
Cairns, Misses, ladies' underclothing, embroidery,
and stamping warehouse, 118 Princes street
Calder, Henry, k Son, wine merchants and family
grocers, 21 South Clerk street
Calder, Alex., 1 Leopold place
Calder, Alex., monumental sculptor, Bellevue ;
house, 15 Avondale place
Calder, David, gi'ocer, wine and spirit merchant,
112 Canongate
Calder, D., house agent, 21 South CoEege street
Calder, George {H. G. dt Son), 4 Bernard terrace
Calder, James, teacher, Donaldson's hospital
Calder, John, tailor, 5 Glanville place
Calder, John, commission agent, 5 Hay street ;
house, 61 Clei-k street
Calder, John M., Bellfield house, Trinity road
Calder, Peter, 2 Cochrane place
CALDEE, EOBEET, coal agent, Haymarket ;
house, 165 Eose street. ^See Adv.
Calder, Thomas, 16 Rose street
CALDEE, WM., sailmaker, cordage, sailcloth,
etc., store, 22 Commercial street ; house, 73
Ferry road. '^ See Adv.
Calder, William, warehouseman, SO Eosemount
Calder, Wm. {manager Fire-Lighter Factory),
68 Prince Albert buildings
Calder, Wm., greengi'ocer, 18b Dim das street
Calder, Wm., 29 Lauriston gardens
Calder, WiUiam, beast and sheep salesman, 19
Archibald place
Calder, JIrs, 6 Maryfield
Calder, Mrs, lodgings, 8 East London street

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