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Buckle, George, bootmaker, 2 Veitcli's place
Buckle, Robert, engraver, 4 N. St Andrew st.
Buckle, William, printer, 10 i Nicolson street
Buckle, Mrs John, 12 Duncan street
Buckle, Miss, 25 Torphicben street
Buckner, Alfred, 19 St Patrick sqiiare
Budge, Daniel, 23 North Junction street
Budge, Henrj-, C.A., treasurer to Royal Physical
Society, 5 St Andrew sq. ; ho. 7 Wardie avenue
Budge, John, 8 Barony street
Budge, W., cartwright, 18 Johnston st. and 33
Coburg St. ; house, 17 Albany street, Leith
Budge, Mrs, 6 Clarence street
Budge & "Webster, ilisses, milliners and dress-
makers, 55 Frederick street
Buie, Miss, 1 West Maitland street
Buist, James, wholesale optician and spirit-level
maker, 5 Nicolson st. ; ho. 8 Merchiston ter.
Buist, John, victual dealer, 1 Canning place
Buist, R., live-stock agent and auctioneer, 11
West Lauriston place
Buist, Thomas, photographer, 108 George street
Bulloch, Lade, & Co., commis. merchants, agents
for Bass & Co., Burton-on-Trent, 8 Union st.
Bulloch, Lade, & Co. , distillers from pure malt,
Loch Katrine distillery, Camlachie ; Caol Ila
distillery, Islay ; and Beumore tlistillery, Camp-
beltown ; 8 Union street
Bulloch, William, plumber, 40 Grove street; ho.
8 Rosehill place
Biuicle, Alex. , fruit and tea dealer, 1 Drumdryan
Buncle, Alex., fruiterer, 52 and 64 Clerk street
Buntine, J. R. , advocate, 49 Great King street
Buntine, Mrs William, 49 Great King street
Bunton, Mrs, 12 Mayfield street
Bureh, William, saddler, 24 Regent place
Burden, George, spirit merchant, 98 Kirkgate
Burden, Mrs George, temperance coffeehouse,
125 and 129 High street
Burge, Charles, & Co., hat manufacturers, 11
Leith walk
Burge, A., hatter, 7 Clanalpine buildings
BURGE, JOHN B., hat and cap maker, 47
Lothian road ; house, 8 Clanalpine buildings,
Spittal street. J}:See Adv.
Biu-ge, Wm., hat, cap, and umbrella manufac-
turer, 10 North bridge ; house, 10 Hill place
Burge, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 7 Clanal-
pine buildings
Burgess, George, 35 Bristo .street
Btiegess Golfing Society (GoK Tavern), 27
Wright's houses
Burgess, James, merchant, 3 E. Register street ;
house, 13 Trinity crescent
Burgess, John, wood and ivory turner, 6 CaiTub-
ber's close ; house, 105 South bridge
Burgh Court, 10 Royal Exchange ; R. Morham,
BuRGii Surveyor's Office of Streets akd
Buildings, etc., 19 Charlotte street, Leith
Burke, Francis, 58 Hanover stareet
Burke, Mrs, 62 Hanover street
Burlington and Missouri Railv\^ ay Company,
7 North St David street ; J. P. Oliver, agent
BiU'n & Baillie, plumbers, brassfounders, and
gasfitters, 44 Hanover street
Burn & Gloag, W.S., 15 Hill street
Burn, George, & Son, provision merchant.?, 164
High street
BURN, ARTHUR, chiropodist, 12 South Castle
street. ^i^See Adv.
Bui-n, Arch. {B. cfe Baillie), 60 Frederick street
Burn, David, S.S.C, 27 Cockburn street
Burn, George {G. B. <fc Son), 11 Teviot row
Burn, George, W.S. {B. tfc Gloarj), 15 Hill street
Burn, John ((?. B. <L Son), 21 Gilmore place
Burn, John, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., 7 Teviot row
Burn, Wm., coach- hirer, Windsor street lane
Bm-n, Mrs, 2 Malta terrace
Burn, Miss, 34 Gilmore place
Burn, ^Miss, 8 Greenhill bank
Burne.s.s, W. & J., W.S., 11 Drummond place
Burness, Jas. {W. <t J. B.), 11 Dnimmond place
Burness, Wm., printer to Her Majesty, 2 North
St Andrew street ; house, 11 Drummond place
Burness, Wm. {W. <i:J. B.),IQ E. Claremont st.
Burnet, Alex., 15 Millerfield place
Burnet, Andrew, grocer, spirit merchant, and
baker, 152 Cowgate and 58 Crosscauseway
Burnet, Andrew, agent ( Wm. Younger tt Co.), 2
North Mansionhouse road
Burnet, James, japanner, Ramsay lane ; house, 19
St Catherine place
Burnet, James, 5 Livingstone place
Burnet, John, advocate, 29 Great King street
Burnet, Peter, wood carver, 4 Swinton row ;
house, 1 Gardner's crescent
Burnet, Peter, clerk, 24 Brougham place
Burnet, William, brassfounder, 30 Nicolson st. ;
house, 2 Hill place
Burnet, Mrs, 17 Dun das street
Burnett, Sir Robert, & Co., vinegar makers,
distillers, and brandy merchants, Vauxhall,
London ; Port Hopetoun warehouses — W. &
H. Potts, agents
Burnett, George, advocate, Lyon King of Arms,
21 Walker street
Burnett, George, grocer and wine merchant, 204
Canongate and 92 St Leonard street
Burnett, James, butcher, 100 Canongate
Burnett, John {Drew d: B.), 18 Lonsdale ter.
Burnett, John, 16 Glengyle teiTace
Burnett, Robt. A., lithogi-apher, 42 Morrison st.
Burnett, Mrs, 16 Glengyle ten-ace
Burnett, Miss, 21 Lauriston street
Burnfield, IMrs, Elizabethan cottage, Jordan lane
Burnley, WiUiam F. , 24 Ainslie plafee
Burns & Bell, tailors, clothiers, and shirtmakers,
13 Bank street
Burns, Andrew, writer, 29 Alva street
Burns, Archibald, photogi-apher, Rock house,
Calton stairs
Burns, Francis, 50 Grove street
Burns, George, dealer in horses, 166 Rose street
lane ; house, 30 Morrison street
Burns, Rev. George, D.D., 4 Osborne terrace
Burns, James S., S.S.C, 61 Castle sti-eet
Burns, John C, 23 Dowuie place
Burns, Ju., .stationer and newsagent, 13 Baker's
Burns, J. , coal merchant, 4 Moncreiff terrace
Burns, John, coal merchant, 16 Port Hopetoun ;
house, 59 Earl Grey street
Burns, Josiah, shooting saloon, 37 Haddington pi.
Burns, M., broker, 143 Cowgate
Burns, Michael, coalmaster, 4 Bnmswick place,
lessee for Sir W. C. Anstruther, Mauldslie :
house, 11 Torphichen street

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