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Ferguson, Robert, sheepskin-mat manufacturer,
Millhill ; house, Millhill house
Ferrier, John, gardener, Dalrymple loan
Fimister, Mrs, 4 Linkfield
Foote, E. J. , manager, net factory, Eskside cotts
Forbes, Rev. Alexander, assistant minister of
Inveresk, and session-clerk, 5 Bridge street
Forbes, Charles, 64 Newbigging
Forman, Mrs, publican, Leven hall
Forrest, Stephen, china and glass merchant,
163 High street ; house, 158
Forrester, Mrs James, 50 High street
Forster, James, earthenware manufacturer, New-
bigging pottery
Foulis, John, chemist. Cottage, Dalrymple loan
Eraser, John, smith, 127 High street
Ganson, Daniel, cooper, 139 High st., Fisherrow
Gardiner, John, schoolmaster. Burgh School
Gardner, John, farmer, Barbachlaw
Gavin, P., & Sons, canvas manufacturers, Millhill
Gay, John, flesher, 40 High street, FisheiTow
Gibson, C, cabinetmaker and joiner, 8 Millhill
Gibson, Henry, tobacconist, 67 High street
Gillies, James, gardener, Wallyford
Gillon, Mrs, 14 High street
Goldsmith, A, B., collector and bookkeeper.
Town hall ; house, Dalrymple's loan
Gordon, James, stationer and newsagent, 107
High street, and 86 High street, Fisherrow
Gom-lay, Jas., market gardener, Dalrymple loan
Gourlay, Mrs Eliza, Golf house
Gray, H. , spirit merchant, Ship inn, Fisherrow
Gray, W. A., proprietor of Mid-Lothian stone-
ware potteries. West vennel, and at Portobello
Gray, W. A., M.D. and M.R.C.S.E., Newbigging
Gray, "William, Eastfield cottage
Gray, William, manager Mid-Lothian pottery,
West vennel ; house, Newbigging lodge
Grey, Alex., veterinary surgeon, Ivy lodge. Links
Grieve & M'Kinlay, Pinkie brick and tile works
Grieve, John, salt manufacturer. Pinkie salt
Grieve, John, smith and ironmonger, 2 Bridge st.
Guliand, Johu, farmer, Monktonhall
Hall, John, slater, 10 Dudgeon's land
Handasyde, Thomas, nurseryman and seedsman,
Glen nurseries
Harper, Francis, Springfield, Inveresk
Harrison, Mrs, Lamont place
Hay, P. & J., dyers, cleaners, andbleachers,Eskvale
Hay, John, dyer and cleaner, Herkes loan
Hay, Peter, dyer and cleaner, 16 Eskside
Hay, Miss, 22 Bridge street
Henderson, Andrew, saddler, 55 High street
Henderson, James, High street
Henderson, Mrs C. B., Wallyford cottage
Henry, Miss M., 2 Smeaton grove, Inveresk
Hewit, Chas. {J. H. & Sons, Edinburgh), West
Rosehall, Fisherrow
Hewitt, Josiah, grocer, 174 High st., Fisherrow
Hill, George, superintendent of works. Town
hall ; house. Grove street
Hill, Mrs Isabella, baker, 150 High st., Fisherrow
Hislop, Jas., grocer, 81 High street, Fisherrow
Hogg, Js., hairdresser and wigmaker, 61 High st.
Hooker, Jas. , teacher F. C. school, Newbigging ;
bouse, 34 Bridge street
Hope, Sir Archibald, Pinkie house
Hope, John, tailor, 86 High street
Howie, Alex., Edinburgh carrier, Victoria place
Huie, Hector Munro, Market street, Fisherrow
Hume, Thomas, family grocer, 98 High street;
house, 96, Fishen-ow
Hume, Mrs Margaret, lodgings, 7 Millhill
Hume, Miss, 94 High street, Fisherrow
Hunter, Alex., maltster, 146 High street ; house,
10 Bridge street
Hunter, H. H. , baker & confectioner, 89 High st.
Hunter, P., farmer, Whitecraig
Hurst, George, bricklayer and furnace-builder,
Market street
Hutt, William, victual dealer, 94 High street ;
house, 90.
Imrie, Rev. James, M. A. , Moray cot. , Eskgreen
Inglis, Alexander, gardener and commission
agent, 16 Bridge street
Inglis, John, spirit dealer, Newbigging
Innes, Adam, baker & confectioner, 13 Bridge st.
Innes, Miss M., draper, 14 Bridge street
Jack, John, jun. {L. & J.), Buccleuch cottage
Jack, Mrs, 31 Eskside
Johnston, James, agent, 38 High .street
Johnston, Rob., druggist, 89 High st., Fisherrow
Keir, P., boatbuilder and shipwright. West bush ;
house. Marine cottage, Fisherrow
Kelt, Peter, commission agent, Prospect place
Kemp, J., & Co., wine merchants, 25 High street
Kemp, John F., parsonage house
King, G., corn merchant, 26 High st., Fisherrow
Kirkwood, Mrs, Dalrymple's loan
Kirsopp, Wm., tailor, clothier, and general
draper, 72 High street
Laing, John, teacher, Old Craighall
Laing, Miss Beatrice, Cairnie house
Lauder, Alexander, farmer and market gardener,
Laurie, George, surgeon, 38 Bridge street
Laurie, James, Smartville, Fisherrow links
Lawson, Archibald & Stephen, painters, glaziers,
and paperhangers, 144 High street
Lawson, William, 10 High street
Lees & Edwards, solicitors, notaries public, and
agents for Caledonian Insur. Co., 42 Bridge st.
Lees, Thomas, town-clerk, writer & notary public,
agent for Royal Bank of Scotland, 42 Bridge st.
Legat & Shield, W.S., 101 High street
Legat, John, & Co., tanners and glue manu-
facturers, Millhill ; house, 3 Linkfield cottage
Legat, D. C., leather merchant, 44 High street
Legat, John {Clydesdale Bank, Edinburgh),
Trafalgar lodge
Legat, Robert, W.S., Esk park
Legat, Mrs James, 64 Newbigging
Legat, Misses, Holly bush house
Leishman, James, market gardener, Mall park ;
house, 20 Eskside
Leitch, John, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit mer-
chant, postmaster, agent for Scottish Union
Fire and Life Insurance Co. and Prestongrange
colliery, registrar of births, etc., 47 High street
Lindsay, Mrs Samuel, 34 Rosemount
Livingstone & Jack, wine and spirit merchants,
98 High street
Logan, Mrs, spirit merchant, Leven haU
Lothian, Misses, 3 High street
Lowe, George, market gardener. Kirk park
Lowe, Peter, market gardener, Fernielee

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