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^ PHI— REI ^p}
Phillip, Miss furnislud lodgings, Firoad wynd ^'
Pillans, .lames and Connpany, mcrciiants, Bernard -SitV.
Pill/ins, James senior, — liouse, ditto .^. .i 'rji>l
Pilians, James junior, Leith mount '■'• .i>ii">«''i'ji'X
Pitkcthly, James builder. Cables' wyntiio'O .'uHoJift
Pollock, James silk and cotton dyer, Tolbooth w^fiu
Prentice, T. letter-carrier, lledhail '-
Primrose, Jolin shoe warehouse, Kirkgatc " '
Primrose, John dyer, north I_.eith
Primrose, Mrs foot of Leitli walk ■_.'..>
Pringle, Alexander shipmaster, north Leith' 'i- ''^
Proctor, Alexander candlemaker, Brusliwork dliJSe"'*-
Jl^amsay, Williamson, and Company, merchants, St
Bernard street .'■!*'
Ramsay, Captain David of the R. N. Nevsthavpn ^■-.^■
Ramsay, James gardener. Chance-lot .ill' ^ticzi. ■ ^
Ramsay, John shipmaster, Bowie' close ' ■■ ■■ -t
Ramsay, M. shipmaster, Kirkgate
Ramsay, Robert junior, Assembly street -
Ranken and Scott, wood-merchants,: ditto
Pauken, Henry Excise-officerj north Leitli
Jlaviken, Roger writing-master, Morton' entry, KirJr
gate !-0'-'«> .- '
Reid, Alexander hosier, Shore Jrrqa l-»rR'i«II ,*>'^>S
Reid, Alexander gardener, Lawrie street
Reid, David furnisl>fd lodginjrs, ditto
Reid, John wood-merchant,. Queenplace,. LeitJh. walk
lleid, John baker, CoalhiU ■ , . '
Peid, John clerk Post-office-i-ljousc^ Elbe street
]80S. Bb2

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