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MAC— -MOF 287
M'Vicar, Mrs jintner, Shore , .
Mack, James shipmastL-r, ndrth Leith
Mackay, John spirit-dealer, Parliament square
Marquis, H. Excise officer, -Liddel' close
Marr, Robert woollen-diaper, Biish
Marshall, Andrew shipmaster, Coalhill
Marshall, John meal-merchant, Giles' street
Martin, Ellis and Company, Newcastle fire-insurance-
office, Bernard street
Martin, Wm. parchment-manufacturer, Bennington
Martin, Mrs vintner. Coal-hill
Mathison, Tho. vintner, Giles' street
JViathison, Mrs haberdasher. Constitution street
Matthew, I'ho, shipmaster, St Andrew street
j\!rule, M»T> foot of Leith walk
Mclville^Mrs vintrler, Bernard street
Menzies, Arch, merchant, WilliamJield
Menzies, John grocer, Shore
^lenzies, Robert shiipbuilder, north Leith
Miller and Baleny, corn-merchants. Yard-heads
IMiller, Arch merchant, Cassils' place, Leith walk
Miller, James meal-merchant, Shirra-brae
Miller, James cooper, Constitution street
Miller, William junior grocer, Coalhill
Miller, WiUiam grocer, Green-tree
Miller, William baker, Coalhill .
Milne, Ogilvie, and^Patison, merchants, Elbe street
Milne, John plasterer, sugar-house close, Kirkgate
Milne, Wm. merchant,. £e'iiiard street, — house, south
side of Links i L .- ..
Millons and Thomson, builders, Albany street
Mitel lell, James manufacturer and spirit-dealer, Reid'
nursery ! ■
Moffat and Sinclair, coopers, Constitution lane
Moffat, Mrs Charlotte street : :
' 1,808.

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