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Laing and Currie, candlemakers, Rottenrow
Laing, George vvright, Ki^ kgate
Laing, John baker. Queen street ; 'I "
X.aird, Anthony cooper, Lang-gate sii^ie
Lamb, Alexander N. solicitor, Shore
Lamb, Franci-' shoemaker, Kirkgate
Lamb, James tailor, foot of Queen street
Lamb, John wright, YarA-heads
Lamb, Peter wright, Kirkgate
Lambert, David baker, Yard-heads ,,__■■
Law, A. tinsmith. Yard-heads ' • " '^'^h^ri^' ' '
Law, Hugh and Son, Wrights," ConstitutfeA'lawi'|'^'
Lawrie, Alexander writer, LertN VSlk ' "^ "-^ * ' " ''
Lawrje, Alexander bookseller, Siiore" i' :?'ii.:;L «'{i' -
Lawrie',' Alexander candlemake'r/' RoW^firBW'^ e;*- -'-
Lawrie, John shipmaster. Old bridge ••''Ga
Lawrie, Robert hairdresser. Shore' -t •' 'S nnoL ,-
Lawrie, Robert surveyor- of Excise^' TitTftft''- office?
Tolbooth wynd . j - . j . r
Lawson, James baker, Kirkgate^ : .•• . n ctfo'. ,-.,
Lawson, William ditto, ditto ' "'^f ^ nsilirW ,r:
Lawton, Mrs Edward, Fife plac^'^J^'^ r:ie;'fr*v ,-.
Learmonth, Mrs vintner, NeAhkveA-^^"^ ' ; 'vsC-. ,.
Ledgerwood, James furnished lodgings, Anofield "
Leckie,Al. boat-builder, north Leith
Leibe, T. D. ship-broker, Cooper street • "^ i ^
Leith New Coal Company, head Cables'^ wynd
Leith Roperiii Company's office, Bath street
Leslie, Robert shipmaster, Shina-brae
Liddel and Brunton, insurance-brokers and agents,
Sandport, North Leith
Liddel and Reid, merchants and insurance-brokers,
foot of Leith walk
Liddel, Evan merchant, ditto

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