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BOO— -BRtF -im
Boon, Alexander stone vvarehous'..*, St Andrew stteei
Bonar, Mrs Fife place • . , i .T
Boston, Walter teacher, Horse wynd
Boswell, Geo. tailor, Tolbooth wynd
Boyd, John shipmaster, twrth Leith
Boyd, William timbeiv-nierchant, SawTniIl3,~^h(m9^,
Hillisfield ■
Bradberry, Mra vintner. Shore
Bradfute, John mercliant,. Cassilis' place, £<eith wialb,
— -counting honse, Quahty street . !• ,.'{
Brash, David grocer, St Aj)drew street .-i A .jljuHafl
Broadfoot, John noerchant, 'Quality street" ':.' >l ,a -'T
Brodic, Alex, com-merchant, Bueh,— ^housi^ BermrU
street ' ♦'",'.. 1
Brodie, A. junior, ditto, Baltic street
Brodie, Capt. Joseph Old bridge
Brodie, Lewis wrigbt, Ldtb walk, Reid' nursery
Brotherston, James teller, Leith Bank, — house, 5.
south Hanover street, Edinburgh
BrowB and Wyld, spirit-dealerF, Kirkgate
Btown, Millar and Company, wine-merchants, Cotefiiehl
Brown, Edward merchant, Old bridge
Brown, George tovra-officer. New quay
Brown, George baker, Citadel
Brown, George shrpftiaster, Giles' street
Brown, James teacher, Tolbootii wycd
Brown, John shipmaster, Queen street
Brown, Jo. clothier, north Leith >
Brown, John smith, foot of Leith walk i
Brown, Robert shipmaster, Tolbooth wynd
Brown, Robert tnerclraot, Bnsh
Brown, Wm. gardener, Bowershall
Brown, Wm. tobacconist, Tolbooth wyttd >
Bruce, WaheT grocer, ditto
1808. Z3 .:L^,

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