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\VIL~>-WIL 257
Wilson, James of 8herifr-clerk.'b-office, — house, Gos-
ford' close
Wilson, James heckle-maker, Crosscauseway .
Wilson, James tailor, head of Lawnmarket
Wilson, James grocer, Cowgate head
Wilson, James baker. Union street
Wilson, John butcher, 14-. west Rose street
Wilson, John vvright and grocer, Canal street
Wilson, John town-officer, Koxburgh close
Wilson, John grocer, I. Catherine "Street
Wilson, John baker, 28- Nicolson street
Wilson, John teacher, 8. Leith street
Wilson, John furnished lodgings, 25. York place
Wilson, John grocer. Canal street • ■>■ •■
Wilson, Macdougal hairdresser, head of St Mary
Wilson, Peter wine vaults, 8. Blair street
Wilson, Robert mason, Lauriston lane
Wilson, Robert esq. accountant, Howe street.
Wilson, Robert wright, 5 Carnegie street
Wilson, Robert hat-maker. Baker' close, Canoii-
Wilson, Robert cabinet-maker. Windmill street
Wilson, Robert baker, 62. Nicolson street
Wilson, Stanhope teacher of dancing, Ahi-on square
Wilson, Thomas bfoker and auctioneer, Cowgate
Wilson, Thomas tailor, 4-. St Ann street '
Wilson, Thomas v^ riter, old Assembly close
Wil'on, Thomas grocer, Crosscause.vay > • ■ - ■•
Wilson, William smith, foot of Chalmers^ closti'
Wilson, William plasterer. Chapel street'
Wiisoi , Wilham v/riglit. 3. east Ric;imond street
Wilsoi', . . illiam t'^dclier. Gray' court
Wilson, William Rac writer, 28, south CastW-stree'/
isas. Y 'J

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