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_^ MAC— MAC 145
M'Grcgor, John tailor, 1 1 . Greenside street
M'Gregor, Patrick meicliant and agent, Anchor close
M'Gregor, Peter Glasgow and Manchester mt^Hi
warehouse, 17. George street
McGregor, Roderick tailor, 3. St Ann street
M'Grcgor, Mrs Capt. 74. Prince street
M'Gregor, Mrs Major, 2. Duke street
M'Gregor, Mrs near Archers' hall
M'Gregor, Mrs furnished lodgings, 4'. Shakspeai
M'Gregor, Miss boarding-school, Milne square
M'Grugar, T. esq. advocate, Gosford' close. Lawn-
M'Haffie, Mrs furnished lodgings, east Richmond
M'Hardie, Charles ditto, 2. east Register street
M'Hardie, Wm. spirit-dealer, head east Lochend
close, Caaongate
M'Harg, Wm. 3. James' street
M'Hattie, George silversmith, Boyd' close, — house,
Murdoch' close
^I*Indo, Mrs grocer, foot of Cowgate
M'Innes, James writer, 4- Charles' street
M'Intosh, Charles esq. W. S. 9. north St David
M'Intosh, Daniel vintner. Writers' court
M'Intosh, Daniel printseller, 15. south St Andi-ew
M'Intosh, Duncan tea and spirit dealer, 21. tlder
M'Intosh, George tailor. Mint
M'Intosh, George grocer, head of Panmure close, Ca-
M'Intosh, James grocer, SO. Leith street
isys, N

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