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HUT— INO . 117
liiitton, A'cx. grocer, mit'dle of \Vest port
Hiitton, Andrew boot and bHoc mukcT, Eess V(*yrtd
Huttoii, David tailor, t. Cliarlcs' street ' ,.
Hutton, James wright, 17. west Thiatle street ' !
Hutton, Jolin esq. 24.' north Hanover street
Uutton, John esq. accountant, 7. sout!i Charlotte
Hutfon, Petei* haWrdas'het-, 22, Sbmh bridge
Hutton, Wm. engraver and stoneware boUSQ^ Oppo-
site St John street ■ ' ' '/■' ':..'.'', ,
Hutton, Mrs Summerhall '"•ir"-'/ '
Hutton, Miss St John lull, Cancngate'^-"''^' ',-''• ^
Hiitton, Miss music teacher, 24'. Hanover street
llyndford. Countess of 8. St John street
llyndman, A. G. surge'on, Gihndre plkc^ "^'^
ir>'i-!t:. ■>»■
■^- !,; -I , ■
JLmlach, Gertrg-^^sq;. VV. S. north Gray' close
Imlach, George writer, Tweedale' close
Imrie, Lieut. Col. 63. Queen street
InclieSj Robert stable^, Grassmarket
Inderwick, Mrs furnished lodgings^ 11. east Rose
street ' ' \ ' ."'. '
Inglis, Borthwick Gilchrist, and Corinpany, bankers,
and East- India Agents, 7. Hunter square
Inglis and Robertson, esqs. W. S. 49 Queen street
Inglis, Andrew surgeon, I'arliament close
Inglis, George leather-merchant, Grassmarket
Inglis, Geo. ma'-nufacturer— -house, Morisdn* clos^.
High street '•:•.'
Iii.rlis, Ilngb priHtcr, Portsburgh

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