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^2g ROB— ROD
Robertson, Mrs 32. Gilmore park
Robertson, Mrs Major 13. St James' square
Robertson, Mrs General 25. Abercromby place
Robertson, INIrs 30. Castle street
Hobertson, Mrs 37. Cantllemaker-row
Robertson, Mrs grocer, 90. West port
Robertson, Mrs spirit-dealer, 2:i-i. Canongatc
Robertson, Mrs furnished-lodgings, 1. James' sq.
Robertson, Mrs ditto, 11. Roxbuigh pi.
Robertson, Mrs ditto, 61. Hose street
Hobertson, Mrs ditto, 18. Bristo street
Robertson, Mrs 4-6. George square
jxobertson. Miss milliner, 27. South bridge
Robinson and Paterson, W. S. 18. Frederick «t.
Robinson, Geo. esq. W. S. — house and county tax-
office, 18. Frederick street
Robinson, .Tenkin hat manufacturer, Jack's close
Robinson, John agent, north back of Canongate
Robinson, Jo. ribbon and trimming manufacturer,
44-. South bridge
Robinson, Wm. Rose esq. advocate, 70. Queen st.
Robison, Charles Knowles esq. W. S. 6. Aber-
cromby place
Robison, Mrs Professor 6. Abercromby place
Robson, James victual-dealer, 11. St Patrick sq.
Robson, William shoemaker, 19. St Patrick sq.
Robson and M'Intosh, dressmakers, 1. James' sq.
Rochead and Son, musical instrument makers to
His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, 14.
Prince street, — house 370. Castlehill
Rocheid, James esq. of Inyerleith, Inverleith house
Roddie, William dyer, 6. St Patrick square
Rodger, Arch, shoemaker, 7, College street
Rodger, David tailor, 51. St Maiy wynd

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