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Inglis, George, draper
King, John, baker and merchant, West Saltou
Kirkwood, James, ironfouuder
Lawrie, John, butcher
Leslie, Peter, merchant
Lewis, Rev. George, Ormiston Free Church
Louden, David, rector, Steill's hospital
LMadden, INIrs C. draper
Z\larohal Hugh, Winton garden cottage
!Mills, William, Greenhead, Saltou
jMotYatt, James, farmer
]Moffatt,Thos.managerofElphinstone colliery-
Moore, Thos. Hepburn, manager, Penstou
and Pencaitland collieries
IMorrison, Robert, gas manager
Murray, Henry, inspector of poor
M'Gregor, A., M.D.
M'Walter, Thomas, joiner
M'Watt, Rev. James, Salton
Naysmith, Thomas, draper
Nimmo, Alexander, innkeeper and cab prop.
Nisbet, Geo. farmer and coal merchant
Isisbet, Mrs, Tranent lodge
j Notman, Wm. sheriff officer
Parlane, Rev. AVilham, A.M.
Paterson, Rev. John, Free Church
Pow, Archibald, flesher
Ramsay, Rev. John, Gladsmuir
Rate, George, factor, Ormiston
Rate, Mrs G. Lampockwells
Riach, Rev. ^Y. L. Pencaitland
Ritchie, Walter, manager of brick and fire-
clay works, Gladsmuir
Ritchie, William, baker, grocer, and post-
master, Pencaitland
Roxburgh, James, clerk to police
Ruthven, Lady, Winton castle
Simpson, Andrew B. tailor, Back street
Smeaton, Archibald, grocer
Smeaton, James, merchant. High street
Smeaton; WiUiam, Pencaitland store
Smith, AJexander, farmer
Smith, John, boot and shoemaker, New row
♦Smith, Johnston, jun. baker. Church street
Smith, Johnston, sen. boot and shoe maker
Smith, Thomas, boot and shoe maker. High st.
Smith, Wm. & J. farmei's, Elphinston
Smith, Wm. farmer, Easter Windygoul
Smith, Wm. smith and veterinary surgeon
Smith, William, boot & shoe maker. High st.
Stenhouse, James, farmer, Myles
Stenhouse, Robert, farmer, W. Windygoul
Steele, WiUiam, baker
Steele, Miss J. grocer, Elphinston
Stobie, David, farmer, Car laverock
Stodart, Thomas, grocer, Elphingston
Stodart, Thomas, slater & glazier, Church st.
Stodart, William, Wmtonhill
Thomson, A. farmer, Kingslaw
Thyne, Wm. farmer, Hoperigg, Gladsmuir
Trail, James, baker
Trotter, Alexander, flesher and postmaster,
Wallace, (leorgc, baker
Watson, Dr David
Watson, James, I\LD.
Watson, John, merchant
Watt, Alexander, carrier. High street
Watt, David, dairyman. High .street
AVhite, James, farmer, Anntield
AVilliamson, Miss Helen, teacher
Williamson, Rev. William T. Established
■ Church, Ormiston
Wilson, A. & J. builders
Wilson, Thomas, farmer, Salton
Wilson, I\Irs George
Young, W. and J. Sandie quarry
Addison, William, farmer, Blackcrags
Arbuckle, William, farmer, Windford
Boag, John, wright, Dechmont
Brash, Robert, slater, Houston
Brown, William, wright, Houston
Clark, William, smith
Dick, Thomas, farmer. Milk houses
Douglas, David, farmer, Dechmont
Drysdale, William, flesher
Erskine, Wm. smith, Dechmont
Farrie, Thomas, brickmaker
Flint, Mrs, farmer, Crossgreen
Frater, Robert, farmer, Laws
Ford, James, farmer, Stankards
Glen, David, innkeeper
Glen, Enoch, farmer, Fivestanks
Glenny, William, Houston mill
Hailstons, Andrew, grocer, Dechmont
Hankey, Captain, Middleton hall
Hastie, W. saddler
Heggie, J. wright, Dechmont
Hutchison, James, carrier
Hutchison, Mrs, grocer
Inglis, James, farmer, Knightsridge
Johnston, Rev. William, The Manse
Lawson, William, farmer, Nettlehill
Lind, James, shoemaker
Middlemas, John, Dechmont
Mossman, Robert, wright
Mossman, Miss, teacher
Neill, Miss, Dovehill house
Nicol, Thomas, gardener, Houston
Nimmo, David, farmei', Bankhead
Paris, Walter, farmer, Dechmont
Parratt, Major, Binny cottage
Purdie, Thomas, farmer, Forkneuk
Russell, James, merchant
Scott, Wilham, tailor
Shairp, Major, Houston house
Skinner. David, teacher, Binny
Smeal, E. shoemaker
Stoddart, John, farmer. West Bangour
Turnbull, Arch, farmer, West Binny
Wallace, John, farmer, Burnhouse
Weir, James, Binny quarry

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