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To Inventors, Patentees, Mechanics, Manufoctnrers, Ac
The important advantages derived from the Caledonian Museum of Practical
Science, by giving publicity to the Works of Artists, in every profession, and
bringing forward ingenuity and merit, must be obvious to all ; and as a National
Institution requires only to be known to be appreciated. On Scotland never
before was such a boon bestowed, and it has already proved how much it was
wanted. By the exhibition of Models, and other productions of Art in the
Museum, and thus concentrating attraction, much more efficient information is
conveyed to the Country, and the Inventor and Manufacturer more benefited
than by any other means, although made at considerable expense.
The extensive circulation of the Catalogues and Advertisements, specifying
the productions forwarded to the Museum, could not be effected by any indi-
vidual exertions, and the result of this must be evident to the Inventor and
Manufacturer of every class. «
Among the models in the Museum, is a Steam-Ship, with Engine, Boiler,
and fire, propelled with steam on the Canal, by G. Foster, Glasgow
— a beautiful model of one of the Liverpool and Manchester Locomotive
Engines, by Stephi:xson, Newcastle — A Barker's Mill, going by water
— an Engine working by the pressure of water — a condensing Steam
Engine, by Neilsox, Glasgow — Model of Morton's Patent Slip — a com-
plete Kitchen Range for a water power, by Ritchie, Ironmonger, &c.
to their Majesties — Portable warm-air Stove, heated by gas, and adapted for
cooking by gas, for sale, by ditto — a great variety of apparatus for illustrating
Hydraulics, Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, &c. — Beautiful specimens of Stained
Glass, by Cooper, Elm Row — Specimens of ditto, by Carse, 5, St.
David Sti-eet — Warwick and Florence Vases, from Garnkirk fire clay, by
IsiPONE — Improved Stomach Pump, by Rettie; Brassfounder, Glasgow — A
variety of Berlin productions in Cast Iron, New Silver and Embroidery Mate-
rials, from A. MuLLER & Co. Berlin Warehouse, 44 Prince's Street — Portable
Printing Press operating, and Patent Copying Press, by Ruthven — A Port-
able Fire Engine, by ditto^A Patent Chirodrome, which runs at the rat«
of ten to twelve miles an hour on a common road, by ditto.
This Establishment is in the same Premises as the Gallery and Museum :
It is conducted on the plan of the Soho Square Bazaar in London j the Room
is 85 feet by 42, and there are nearly 400 feet of Counters, where various
Articles of Fancy, Ornamental and Useful may be procured ; on the walls
are a splendid collection of Paintings for sale, and a powerful Organ is played
in the Bazaar, with a valuable IMusical Clock, the Bazaar is thus rendered
An Agreeable and Fasliionable Promenade.

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