Scottish Post Office directories

Maps in directories

Drawn for the directories

You can find maps, or town plans, in some of the directories for:

  • Aberdeen
  • Dundee
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Greenock
  • Paisley
  • Perth
  • Portobello.

These were drawn specifically for the directories and as a result they would cover the same geographical area as the alphabetical lists within the directories.

Being up-to-date

Depending on the map-maker, time period, and production process, the town plans would be more or less up-to-date with town developments.

Around 1800, a delay of about two to three years would be normal, whereas by 1900 town plans could depict latest changes within six months.

Some maps digitised

National Library of Scotland has digitised a selection of these town plans, available on the NLS maps website:

More digitised town plans

NLS digital maps include many other town plans as well. Although they were not explicitly drawn for the directories, they might still be a valuable resource for your research:

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