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Hae ye seen in the cairn dewy morning,
The redbreast wild wavbling.sae clearl;
Or the low-dwelling snow feasted gowan,
Surcharg’d wi’ mild cloning’s soft tear:
O, then hae ye seen my dear lassie,
The lassie I lo’e best of a’;
But far frae the hame o’ my lassie,
I’m monie a lartg mile awa.
Her hair is the wing o’ the blackbird,
Her eye is the eye o' the dove,
Her lips are the ripe blushing rose-bud,
Her bosom’s the palace of love. I
Tho’ green be thy banks, O sweet Clutha
Thy beauties ne’er charm me ava;
Forgive me, ye maids o’ sweet Clutha,
O love thou’rt a dear fleeting pleasure,
Forgive me, ye sweet Clutha
^jy heart is wi* her that's avva
O love thou airt a dear fleeting pleasure,
The sweetest we mortals here know;

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