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The gameiome lamb that sucks it’s dam,
Mair harmlesj caona be:
She ha? nae sic weca’t,)
Except her love tor me.
The sparkling pew, of clearest hue,
s like her shining een :
In shape an’ air w a can compare,
Wi’ my sweet lovely Jean.
O blaw, yp yesili>> winds blaw.saft,
Amang the leafy tree? ;
Wi’ genth' bi taih fiae.muir and dale.
Bring hame the laden bees., ,
An’ brinj; th / laisi-t back, ^{ng,
That’s aye sae neat and clean :
Ae blink o’ her yyad banish care, • vt*
Sae lovely is'my Jean.
What an’ .vows,. amang the knowes,
Hae pgu 4fwr>en,vts (waj •-
How f»m.vo meet,, how wa^-to part.
That d.iy »he gaed awa.
The powers aboon can only ken,
To whom the heart is seen.
That n»ne can be sae dssr to me,
As my sweet lovely J«an.
.«* »d a eic'fi ibit .i;■ odj rsw-jH

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