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he was falling afleep, ftie draws up her
fmoke and lets fly in the goodman's
fliirt tail, which awakened him in as
great fright as he had been fliot; ay,
ay, woman, what are ye about ? what
am I about faid flie: dear woman you
are filling the bed Not I goodman, for
when my arfe was my own I took care
of it, and take ye care of it now, it is
yours. O rife woman and clean the
bed, and keep your arfe and a* the li-
berty ye had before, and more, if ye
want it; feigh, what’s this, I’m a’ dirt.
A fhips crew being one time in great
diflrefs at fea, by reafon of a violent
florm and being all fallen down to pr -
yer, expe&ing every moment to go to
the bottom : there happened to be an
old gentleman, a paflenger on board
with them, who had a great big red
nofe, with drinking ale and whifky ;
and being all at their lafl prayers as
they thought, a little boy burfl: out in¬
to a loud laughter; O thou thought-
lefs rogue,faid the captain, what makes
the laugh, feeing us all on the point of
perifhing ? Why faid the boy, I can¬
not but laugh for to think what fine

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