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and feeing the white cloth, thought it
was his own fhirt tail, and verly flyly
ftaps it in to his breeches, bit and bit,
which the landlady and the maid ob-
ferved, but was alhamed to tell him ;
fo home he went with the fervit in his
breeches, and knew nothing of it till
going to bed, when it fell from him «
his wife enquired how he came by it,
he could not tell, but was furpnfed
how he came to have more bulk in his
breeches than formerly, but obferving
the name they fent it back again, the
prieft pleaded to be excufed, owned
himfelfonly a thief in ignorance.
As two maids were coming from
milking their cows, one of them ftep-
ping over a flile, fell and fpilt the
whole paleful of milk from her head.
O, faid (he what will I do, what will
I do ? O, faid the other maid let it go,
who can help it now, you can’t take
it up again, it’s not your maidenead.
My maidenhead, faid Hie, if it were
my maiden head, I would think no*

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