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whom he does not love, he iihufces a-
way with his foot, and lies down with
whom he pleafes.
CX How will you know the bairns
of our town by others in the kingdom ?
A. By their ill breeding and bad
What is their behaviour ?
A. If you alk them a queftion in
civility, if were but the road to the
next town, they will tell you to follow
your nofe, and if go wrong curfe the
Q. Are young and old of them no
better ?
A, All the odds lies in the differ¬
ence, for if you alk a child to whom
he belongs, or who is his father, he
will tell tou to kifs his father’s a—e.
What kind of creatures are
kindiieft when they meet ?
A None can exceed the kindnefs
of dogs when they meet in a market.
Q. And what is colleys conduct there ?
A. Fird: they kifs others mouths
and nofes, fmell about, and at laft of
all, they are fo kind as to kifs other
below the tail.

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