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How many flicks gangs to the
bigging of a craw’s neft ?
A. None, for they are all carried.
Q. How many whites will a well
made pudding-prick need ?
A. If it be well made it needs no
Who was the father of Zebe-
dee’s children ?
A. Who but himfelf.
Q. Where did Mofes go when he
was full fifteen years old ?
A. Into his fixteenth.
Q. How near related is your aunt’s
good-brother to you ?
A. No nearer than my own father.
Q. How many hoiesjure there in a
hen’s doup ? A, Two.
Q. How prove you that ?
A. There is one for the dung and
another for the egg.
Q. Who is the beft for catching
rogues ?
A. None fb fit as a rogue himelf.
Ch Where was the ufefuleft fair in
Scotland kept ? A. At Mulguy.
Q. What fort ot commodities were
there ?

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