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dung and drofs in comparifon of thefe things above: I
know thou keepeli thy eye» fixed upon the hope of glory,
which makes thee to trample upon the lofs of earth.
My dear, I know that God hath not only prepared glory
for thee, and thee fer it, but I am perfuaded he will fweet-
en the way for thee to come to the enjoyment of it: and
when thou art putting on thy clothes that morning, think
thou art putting on thy weckhng-clothes, to go tone mar¬
ried to thy Redeemer; when the meffenger of death com-
eth to thee, let him not be dreadful, but look upon him as
the mell'enger that bringeth thee good tidings of eternal
life : when thou goelt up to the fcaffold, think what thou
toldefl me, it was but thy chariot to draw thee to thy Fa¬
ther’s houfe, and when thou layeft down thy dear head
to receive thy Father’s fffoke, remember what thou faidd
to me: That though thy head were fevered from thy body,
yet thy fouj lhall loon be united to Jefus Chrilt, thy head,
in heaven. And though it may feem bitter, that by the hands
of men we are parted a little fooner than otherwile we
would have been, yet let us conlider, ’tis the decree and
will of the Father, and befides, we could not have lived
much longer together, and it will not be long ere we ihall
enjoy ore another in heaven. Oh ! let us comfort one ano¬
ther with thefe layings. O be comforted, it is but a little
ftroke, ere long thou lhalt be ‘ where the weary are at rdf,
‘ and where the wicked lhall ceafe from troubling thee.’
Oh ! remember that though thou eat thy dinner with bitter
herbs, yet thou lhalt have a joyful fupper with Jeftis Chrilf
at night. And, my dear, by what 1 write to thee I do not
undertake to be a teacher of thee ; for this comfort I have
received of the Lord by thee. 1 hear a warrant is come to
the lieutenant, 1 am ready to think it may be concerning
thee, to fend thee to thy journey’s end to-morrow, and that
becaufe they may poffibly be hindered if they Itay till the
day appointed ; but 1 am perfuaded, thou art fo far from
being afraid of it, that thou dolt long tor the day, which
(next under God) to hear of my wilhngnefs to die, will be
the greatelf comfort in the world. 1 can write no more, but
commit thee to the hands of that God, with whom thou
and I ere long lhall be. Farewel, Farewel.
July n, i6ji. MARY LOVE.
P. S. One comfort I would have thee carry to thy grave,
if ever God did good to my foul, thou watt the chief inltru-
ment of it, for I never looked after God till I faw thy face.
A lecond

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