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4 The Wonderful Prcdi&itns of
before the flood, and was built by Seth Adam’s ion, and
written by Enoch the prophet; as likewife the holy pre¬
cepts, whereby the patriarchs walked before the law was
given to Mofes, which wras alfo engraven on the faid pillar,
whereof many Jews have copies in their own language,
written on parchment, and engraven on brafs and copper,
but the alteration of the date makes them to ftagger at it,
not knowing that the dates were to be altered by the birth
of Chnft. l-'irft, this prophecy is intitled, ‘ A Ihort work
of the Lord’s in the latter age of the world.* Great earth¬
quakes and commotions by fea and land fhall come in the
year of God 1729, great wars in Germany and America
lybo; the dcftrudion of Popery, or Babylon’s fall, in the
year 1790; God will be knowm by many in the year ty^y;
this will produce a great man. The fiars will wander, and
the moon turn as blood in tSoo ; Africa, Alia, and Ameri¬
ca will tremble in 1785; a great earthquake over the whole
world in 1781, God will be univerfally known by ail. Then
general reformation and peace for ever, when the people
mall learn war no more, happy is the man that liveth to
fee this day.
Tbe firft Letter of Mrs. Lovs to her Hufband.
Sweet Heart.
BEfore I write further, I bcfeech you to think not that it
is your wife that now writeth to you : I hope thou haft
freely given up thy wife and children to the Lord God, that
faid, Jer. xlii. it. ‘ Leave thy fatherlefs children, 1 will
‘ prtierve them alive, and let thy widows truft in me.’ O
that the Lord would keep thee from haying one troubled
thought about thy relations. I defire to give thee freely up
into the Father’s hands, and not only look upon it as a
crown of glory for thee to die for Chrift, but as an honour
to me, that I fhould have a hufband to leave for Chrift. I
dare not fpeak to thee, nor have a thought within myfelf
of my unfpeakable lofs, but wholly keep my eye fixed up¬
on thy unfpeakable and inconceivable gain. Thou leaveft
but a finhil mortal wife, 'to be everlalhngly married to the
King of glory; thou leaveft but children, and brethren,
and lifters, to go to the Lord Jefus tby eldeft brother;
thou leaveft friends to go to the enjoyment of holy angels,
and to the fpirits of juft men made perfeft ; thou dolt but
leave earth for heaven; and if natural affeitions begin to
rife. I hope that ipirit of grace that is within thee will
quell them, and knowing that all things here below are but

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