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'The Strange and Wonderful Predictions of Mr.
Christopher Love.
A Few nights after he was ferttenc’d to be beheaded on
-L \ Tower-Hill, which was on the 22d day of Auguit, in
the year 1651, which was ten days before his appointed
time, by the lentence he received at the bar; being one night
vilited-by two intimate acquaintances, or bofom friends, as
he himftlf call’d them; i n their pH v ate conference they began
to complain to him of the cruelty of the times, and the ma¬
lice and ufage of the time-ferving brethren, to which Mr.
Love aniwered, And think you this an evil time ? No, no,
<this is the very time wfrtn grace and true godlinefs can be
dilfinguilhed from hypocrify ; many have followed Chriff
hitherto for the loaves, and are now turned back becaufe of
the roughnei’s of the way* and the fore trial and tribulation
met with by others that are gone before them ? There are
many in London at this very day, who think to go to hea¬
ven m their gilded coaches, and have denied Chrift’s caufe
before man, (againff whom I am now witnefs) and Chriff in
his never-failing word has promiled to deny all fuch before
his Father and the holy artgels, this is the time to difeern
between him that ferveth God, and him that ferveth him
not; they formerly were my familiar acquaintances in fel-
lowfhip and fweet converic, I fent this day to have a few
words of them here in the prifon, but they w ould not come,
for their countenance is fallen, their coniciences wounded,
they cannot look me in the face, becaufe I knew of their
refolution, and w as witnefs of their perjuration. But, ah !
how will they look the blejjed Jefus in the face, in the
morning of the refurredion ? what anfwer or excufe will
they have for what they have done ? O foolifh people ! w'ho
think to efcape the crofs, and come to the crown ; but I tell
vou nay, you muff all fuffer perfecution, who follow the
Lamb ; we mull be hated of all nations for Chrift’s fake, we
muff come thro’ great tribulation, thro’ the fiery furnace of
affliction, before we can enter the land of joy and felicity ;
know you not that the fouls of thole that were flain for the
teffimony of Jefus, are placed under the altar ? Happy, hap¬
py are thefe men at this day, and ever fflall be happy, who
fuffer for Chrift’s fake in a right and charitable way, thro’
love to his caufe, and honefty of heart ? not thro’ pride and
hypocrify, without the root of the matter ; to have it faid,
they died martyrs; thefe are they who will mifs their mark,
and thole who denied the call, and turned back fhali never
have the honour to find it. I am now' pointed out by many
to be in a delfitute and forlorn condition; but I would not

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