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Annie Laurie, S
Atild langsyne, 3
Bruce’s Address, 4
Braw Lads of Galla Water, 17
Bide ye yqt., 20
Bonnie Jeanie Gray,.... L.*.i 18
Bonnie Mary Hay, 23
Dumbarton’s bonnie Dell, 13
Gin a body meet a body, ....«,•*••••• 7
Gloomy Winter’s now awa,... 13
Hurrah for the Bonnets of Blue, 16
Hurrah for the Highlands, 24
I’m owre young to marry yet,.u...... 6
John Anderson, my Jo,. 8
Jessie the Flower o’ Dumblane, 5
Leezie Lindsay, 5
Logie o’ Buchan, 12
My ain Fireside, 11
My Nannie O, 21
Of a’ the airts the wind can blaw,.... 11
O gin I were a Baron’s heir,.). 17
O this is no my ain Lassie, 14
O why left I my hame, 9
Roy’s Wife of Aldivalloch,.. 15
Somebody, 4
Sweet Jessie o’ the Dell, 19
The Banks o’ Doon, 14
The Flower of Ellerslie, 16
The Flowers of the Forest, 10
The Heather Bell, 7
The Highland Minstrel Boy, 22
The Lass o’ Gowrie, 18
The Lass wi’ the bonnie blue een, * 20
The Scottish Blue Bells, 9
The Woods o’ Dunmore, 24
The Year that’s awa, 22
There lives a young Lassie, 19
There was a Lad was born in Kyle, 9
Though you leave me now in sorrow, 21
Wha’s at the Window, wha, wha, 10
What’s a’ the steer, Kimmer, 15
When the kye come hame, ••••'•• 28

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