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w hether of the court or country, ,
nobility or mobility, young, or ohl ■
rich or poor, bond or free *, to thy'
prote&ion I commit this book, hop¬
ing you will receive it in love and
good-will ; for as much as it is of no
fmall antiquity, the original being
many years before your great grand¬
father peeped into the world, and fo
remains to this day, known by the
name of Lazincfs. A thing in which
feme young people have fo Ihrowdec
themfelves, that in time they havt
been overgrown with it; fo that it ha:
lately become fb hard a cruft, tha
they are forced to be well threfhed be
fore they can break them of it. Nov
among many that have been fore troub
led with that diflemper, the molt non
ed was Lawrence Lazy.-—The motiv
that encouraged me to publifh th:
book, was for your mirth and rnone^
and my pleafure and profit,
Who am,
Your’s at comm

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