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SONG, &c.
1. L. M—B * an Officer of Excise,
The Highland smugglers did despise.
And got Preventive men to rise,
To survey their glens in the morning.
2. First when M—B the Preventives saw,'
He cried my brave lads come awa’.
We’ll survey their glens, an’ ruin a*
The Glenoghty lads i’ the morning.
3. The task to do will be but small.
We’ll fleg the lads with powder and ball.
We’ll break their stands, and ruin all
The Glen-noghty lads in the morning.
4. We’ll make them submit unto our will.
We’ll burn their Bothies in the hill.
We’ll seize their Whisky every gill,
Among Noghty glens in the morning.’
5. But when Glenlivat men they came, to knoir^
Of such a fatal overthrow.
They said. My lads we’ll join and gtii,
For to help our friends in the morning.
6. So they marched to Noghty side,
And at every shot they laid their pride.
And stood on the defensive side.
Among Noghty glens in the morning.
7. Glen-noghty lads they staid at hame.
For fear that they should get the blame.
But Glenlivat men they thought no shame.
For to keep their ground in the morning.
8. Glenlivat lads spied bold M—B——
Come marching up with all his train.
He thought the day would be his ain.
Among Noghty glens in the morning.
9. But they cried M—B , we’re not in fun,
We’ll meet you bold with sword and gun.
We’ll all obey thy tpck of drum,
And meet yeur lads in the morning.
10. You’ll find it, B^r, we’re not in jest.

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