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Doft thou weep to fee mv anguifli,
Mark me, and avoid my wo :
>' When men flatter, figh and Languid),
Think them falfe—-l found themfo.)
ii For l lov’d, ch ! so fincerely,
None could ever love again,
ll But the youth I lov’d fo dearly,
Stole the heart of crazy Jane.
I Fondly my young heart receiv’d him,
Which was doom’d to love but one,
! He figh’d, he vow’d, and I believ’d him
He was falfe, and I undone !
I: From that hour has reafon never,
Heid her empire o’er my brain ;
;l Henry fled, with him forever
Fled the wits of crazy Jane.
1 Now forlorn and broken hearted.
And with frenzi’d thoughts befet,
0 On that fpot where lad we parted,
On that fpot where finl we met;
Still I fing my love-lorn ditty,
Still I flowly pace the plain,
Whilfl each pafler by, in pity,
Cries, God help the crazy Jane.
'God fave great George our King,
Long live our noble King,
God Save the King.
God fave the King !
Send him vibtorious.
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us,
God fave the King.

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