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ought upon her witching fmile
ifii’liat caught my youthful fancy.
length I reach’d the bonny glen,
here early li£e I fported ;
fs'd the mill and tryfling thorn,
/here Nancy aft I courted,
a fpied 1 but my ain dear maid,
own by her mother’s dwelling !
turn’d me round, to hide the flood
hat in my een was fwellihg.
il alter’d voice, quoth I, fweet lafs,
njweet as yon hawthorn bloffom,
happy, happy may he be,
hat’s dearelt to thy bofom.
purfe is light, I’ve far to gang,
ain wad 1 be thy lodger ;
ferv’d my king and country lang,
ake pity on a Sodger.
willfully (he gaz’d on me,
nd lovelier grew than ever ;
’ flic, a Sodger ance I lo’ed,
forget him I fhall never :
humble cot and hamely fare,
e freely fliall partake o’t ;
t gallant badge, the dear cockade,
ijllfou’re welcome for the fake o’t.
gaz’d—(he redden’d like a rofe—
ne pale like ony lily,
fank within mine arms, and cried,
rt thou mine ain dear Willie ?
tm who made yon fun and fky,
y whom true love’s regarded,
n the man !—and thus may Hill
rue lovers be rewarded.

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