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A weel fiorkft mai'en, bimfHl o’t the laird,
An’ bridal aff han1. was the proffer;
I never loot on that i kenn’d or 1 car’d,
.But thought 1 might get a waur offer.
He fpake o’ the darts o’ my bonny black een,
An’ O. for my love he was dicin’;
I faid he might die when he liket for Jean,
Tho’ Gude f rgi’e me for Hein’.
But what do ye think, in a fortnight or lefs,
(The diel’s in bis hafte to gee near her >
He’s down to the Caltle to black Coufin Befs,
Think how 1 cou d evei endure her.
An’ a’ the nieft ouk, as I fretted wi’ care,
I gaed to the tryfl o’ Dulgarlock ;
An’ wha but my braw fickle wooer was there,
Wha glowr’d as if he’d feen a warlock.
Out owre mv left fhouthi r I gie’d him a blink,
Left neighbours ftiould think I w as fancy ;
My wooer he caper’d as he’d been in drink,
An’ vow'd that i was hi dear laffie
I fpier’d for my coufin, fu’ couthie an’ fweet,
An’ if ftn’d Vecover d ger hearin’;
An’ how my auld * ftioon fitted her ihachel’d feet,
Gude fafe us, bow he fell a fwearin’.
He begg’d me for Gudefake, that I’d be his wife.
Or elfe»> wad kill him wi’ forrow ;
An’ juft to prelerve the poor body in life,
I think 1 will wed him to-morrow.
My Nannie, 0,
Behind yon hills, where riv’lets row,
Are moors an’ rooiles many. Cl;
* An old lover.

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