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EJpon the banks o’ flowing Clyde the laffes bufk them braw,
iut when their beft they ha’e put on, my Jeany dings them a’:
n hamely weeds (hie far exceeds the faireft of the town,
faith fage an’ gay confefs it fae, tho’ drefs’d in ruftic gown.
he game-fome lamb, that fucks the dam, mair harmlefs
canna’ be,
he has nae fau’t (if fic we oa’t) except her love for me.
t he fparkling dew, of cleared hue, is like her fhining een ;
n thape an’ air wha can compare wi’ my fweet lovely Jean.
1, biaw, ye wefllin1 winds, blaw faft, amang the leafy trees,
'Vi' gentle breath frae muir and dale bring hame the laden
n’bring the laflieback to me, that’s ay fae neat an’ clean ;
fiVe blink o’ her wad banith care, fae charming is my Jean.
Vhat fighs an’ vows amang the knowes, ha’e pafl atwecn us
low fain to meet, how wae to part, that day (he gaed awa,
die pow’rs aboon can only ken, to whom the heart is feen,
hat nane can he fae dear to me as my fweet lovely Jean.
Gude fungi'e me for Lie in'.
e day a braw wooer cam’ down the lang glen,
An fair wi’ his love he did deave me ;
ut I faid there was naetbing I hated like men:
I I he deuce tak’ him to believe me, believe-me,
||he deuce tak’ him to belteve>me.

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