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Hiftory of Dreams.
Dreams Inrerprcted, &:<:•
Advics to al‘ Bachelor*.
Maid*, Widowers, Wi-
dour*. See.
II. A true Interpretation
of Dreamt,
III. The birth of Children
on every day of the weel;,
IV. JL divifion of snan’t age
by twelve timtt fix year*
V. Whether the party may
live or die that fallethfick
on any day ef the nonth.
VL To krow if a woman
be with child ; and whe.
ther male or female.
VII. An excellent way for
ahyperfonto knaw in the
moraiog when they golarornet.
forth, whether they (hdll
have good or bad luck.
VIII. Toraakenaan orwo-
man put of their clothes
IX. A rectipt to make a
maid’s face fair.
X. A ready way how to
cure the felon.
XI. How to heal one that
isfcaided with liqnar.
XII. The fignification of
(noire oa any part of the
body of maa or women.
XIII. Ex«a rule* to know
whether a man or womsa
(lull have thofe they love
XIV. HoW to ckoof: a
good hufbaad or wife.
XV. Rule and art to know
whether a woman be a
pure virgin or net.
XVI. To know whether
a maa be a chalk bache-
XVII. To make any per-
fon love you whether
the will or not.
XVIII. How to reflore a
loft maiden head, or to a
folder a cracked one.
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