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mo all Bankrupt's in Scotland ; or
a timely warning for all honeft
dealers, to be ware of all iuch,
as that Noted Bankrupt from
Perth; Alexander Morton and
I his Son James. Giving a brief
account of their proceedings in
I and about the Town of Perth,
where they have defrauded the
people of man^r thoufand
Pounds Sterling.
The Bakckrupt Differed.
bORGlVE the hypocritic praife;
■ Due to our Heroes, in thcfe day's
If I fhouldlpeak,
A. little back-ward on the caufc,
Of one that no man gives applauff,
And's raiAI fuch reek*
His hidden Name he well .uftains,
Morton, fio.n Mors, which D^arh explains
But to define,
They have without Tranflators leave,
Prom Mortem the accuiitive,
Revers'd the line.
Perhaps, becaufc he knew to prank.

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