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Title Shelfmark Date created
Sharratt Collection Sharratt. 16/07/21
Selby Wright Collection RSW. 16/07/21
Scottish Episcopal Church, Theological Institute Collection (Urquhart Collection) [tbc]. 16/07/21
Scottish Catholic Archives Collection SCA. 16/07/21
St Benedict's Abbey (Fort Augustus) Collection SBA. 16/07/21
Protestant Institute Collection Prot. 07/07/21
Preshome Collection PCL. 07/07/21
Perth St Ninian's Cathedral Library Collection PSNC. 30/06/21
Park Collection n/a 09/06/21
Orrock Collection Orr. 09/06/21
Oban Cathedral Collection Oban. 09/06/21
Newhailes Collection Nha. 09/06/21
Jolly Collection Jolly. 02/06/21
Hilson Collection Hilson. 02/06/21
Gray Collection Gray. 02/06/21
Drygrange Collection Dry. 02/06/21
Dowden Collection Dowd. 02/06/21
Cox Collection Cox. 01/06/21
Cathedral of the Isles, Millport, Collection CIM. 01/06/21
Cassidy Collection Cassidy. 01/06/21
Cambuskenneth Collection Cambusk. 01/06/21