Pilkington Jackson Collection


Pilkington Jackson Collection


A collection of 45 books and photographs on art and the history of art, including Classical and oriental art, from the professional library of the Edinburgh-based sculptor Charles d' Orville Pilkington Jackson (1887-1973), ARSA FRSA FRBS. He was responsible for a number of military memorials in Scotland, including the Rothesay War Memorial (1922). He was also the supervising sculptor for the Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle. His most famous work is the equestrian Robert the Bruce, at Bannockburn (1964).


The books have been catalogued individually and have the shelfmark 'Pilk.'.


In 1979 Pilkington Jackson's papers were presented to the Library by his trustees, through his widow Mrs AEO'B Pilkington Jackson. Printed books included with the papers were subsequently made into a separate collection in 1983.

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