Ouseley Elliot Collection


Ouseley Elliot Collection


A collection of printed works, in a variety of formats, mainly by, about, or owned by Sir Charles Elliot (1801-1875) and two of his sons, Gilbert Elliot (1833-1910) and Frederick Eden Elliot (1837-1916). A large part of the collection reflects the far-flung colonial career of Sir Charles but with the main focus on his prominent role as Plenipotentiary in China during the Sino-British 'Opium War' (1839-1842). His later responsibilities are featured in publications relating to his governorship of Trinidad and St Helena. As a topic, colonial defence features prominently in the collection, containing works written or owned by Sir Charles including his comments on the proposal for a maritime militia. Other works owned by Sir Charles feature a variety of topics such as Chinese colonial administration, the Indian civil service and the colonial application of criminal law. His son, Gilbert, as a civil servant in Bombay, is the author of matters as diverse as the advantages of Western Australia as a source for horses and the mineral resources of western India. Also in the collection are various pamphlets, offprints and press-cuttings relating to India owned by another son, Frederick Eden. Of particular interest in this connection are presentation copies extracted from scholarly journals on Indian folklore and on early Indian settlements. The name 'Ouseley' as applied to part of the collection refers to John Ouseley, brother of the wife of Frederick Eden Elliot, in whose custody the collection later lay.


The books have been catalogued individually and have the shelfmark 'Ous.Elliot.'.


The printed items were part of a collection of correspondence and papers of the Elliot and Ouseley families bought by the Library in 1978.

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The manuscripts are held at MSS.21209-21213.





Elliot, Charles, Sir