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Author:  Ferguson, Fergus, 1824-1897
Title:  From Glasgow to Missouri and back
Publisher  Glasgow: T.D. Morison, 1878
Dates of Coverage:  1874  
Shelfmark:  NC.454.c.27

Author:  Ferguson, William
Title:  America by river and rail: or, Notes by the way on the New World and its people
Publisher  London: James Nisbet and Co., 1856
Dates of Coverage:  1855  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (11,687-11,693); K.185.b

Author:  Fergusson, Adam
Title:  Practical notes made during a tour in Canada, and a portion of the United States, in MDCCCXXXI...
Publisher  Edinburgh: William Blackwood; London: T. Cadell, 1834
Dates of Coverage:  1831-1833  
Notes:  'Second ed., to which are now added, notes made during a second visit to Canada in MDCCCXXXIII'  
Shelfmark:  S.200.g

Author:  Finlay, Hugh 1732-1801
Title:  The Hugh Finlay Journal: colonial postal history 1773-1774
Publisher  [s.l.]: U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, 1975 Reprint of the 1867 edition published by F.H. Norton, Brooklyn, N.Y., under the title 'Journal kept by Hugh Finlay'
Dates of Coverage:  1773-1774  
Notes:  Illustrations include a map entitled 'Hugh Finlay's tract from Canada to the Massachusetts Province'  
Shelfmark:  H3.86.3338

Author:  Finlayson, Archibald W.
Title:  A trip to America: a lecture delivered in the public hall of the Johnstone Working Men's Institute 18th March, 1879
Publisher  Glasgow: Printed by David Wilson, 1879
Dates of Coverage:  1878  
Shelfmark:  ABS.3.85.46

Author:  Fleming, Sandford, Sir, 1827-1915
Title:  England and Canada: a summer tour between old and new Westminster, with historical notes
Publisher  Montreal: Dawson Brothers Publishers, 1884
Dates of Coverage:  1883  
Notes:  Fleming emigrated to Canada in 1845  
Shelfmark:  [AB.2.89.11]

Author:  Flint, James
Title:  Letters from America, containing observations on the climate and agriculture of the Western states, the manners of the people, the prospects of emigrants, etc.
Publisher  Edinburgh: Tait, 1822
Dates of Coverage:  1818-1820  
Shelfmark:  E.136.d

Author:  Fowler, Thomas
Title:  The journal of a tour through British America to the Falls of Niagara; containing an account of the cities, towns and villages along the route... written during the summer of 1831
Publisher  Aberdeen: Lewis Smith, 1832
Dates of Coverage:  1831  
Shelfmark:  Hall.151.g

Author:  Fraser, William
Title:  The emigrant's guide, or, Sketches of Canada: with some of the northern and western states of America, by a Scotch Minister
Publisher  Glasgow: Porteous Brothers, 1867
Dates of Coverage:  1831-1867  
Shelfmark:  APS.1.87.27